Guilty About Girls: Candy Candy

Jordy and Mark goof around, 1993, photo

I go so far back with Jordy Birch and Mark Henning from ’90s  BC band Pure, that I can practically limbo. Used to hang out with the band in Toronto, still do with Jordy and Mark in Vancouver. I think I have seen the band live, oh, about 14,345 times live. We met here:

Backstage Pass to JAMC et al

The show was called Rollercoaster Halloween. Pure played the Skydome in Toronto on a rather fab bill of Curve, Spiritualized (Jason Pierce came backstage – the Toronto Argonauts dressing room – looking for a lighter) and the Jesus and Mary Chain. I’ve been at awards shows, in the back of cars, donut shops, clubs, bars and hotels (no, not like that – but see pic above from ’93) with the band so often that they’re kinda family.

Mark and I share a love of The Mighty Boosh and talking incessantly and excitedly about music – he runs local record label/collective Boutique Empire (home of my other friends, Sex With Strangers) and has his own band, Combine the Victorious. Jordy’s a loveable West Coast flake who keeps writing hooky little pop songs. I am very fond of them both.

Which makes it also cool that these two musicians/music fans have found their way back to each other with their project Guilty About Girls. Their new video was shot on April 24 and through the miracle of modern technology and via a love of simplicity and let’s-not-fuck-about-ness, “Candy Candy” now has a home on YouTube. Watch with your eyes.

And if you fancy checking out some Vancouver fare, Boutique Empire’s compliation REC 10 feature all the aforementioned bands (minus Pure) as well as locals Piper Davis, Marc Wild, Mince, Ten Suns, Gilles Zolty, Chiwawa and Ingrid Schroeder. \m/

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