Video: Sex With Strangers “We Want The Fire”

Robot rockers and superlynxtastic friends to the BackstageRider, Sex With Strangers have today released a frankly cool as… new video for their dancesynth track “We Want The Fire” (from album Tokyo Steel). It debuts tonight on Much Music Canada’s The Wedge at midnight (PST) but here’s a looksee early.

This little bit of slick is directed by Brett Harvey from BKS Crew Productions, whom I have a creative crush on. It also features amazing artist and designer Rob Edmonds as a creepy, uh, artist who drags the band onto his white canvas to paint around them. I also have a crush on him. I’m all over the crushes.

Keep an eye out for the reproduction of Edmonds’ art from the Tokyo Steel album cover, and pics and (alert! Marketing wank word!) synergy from SWS’ last video “New City Anthem”, starring yours truly dancing about and grinning like a loon somewhere around 1:22.

For more on SWS check out their MySpace or see what I’ve written about ‘em before, here. Request their video or songs today! Buy now! Exclamation marks!!!

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