(I’m Having) Sex With Strangers – New City Anthem Video

Sex With Strangers, New City Anthem

Sex With Strangers are an awesome synth-pop robot-rock band from Vancouver. Their new album The Tokyo Steel was released in October on local label Boutique Empire – read my review about the launch for Guttersnipe News. They’ll also be playing at the equally awesome-for-indie-bands (and initialled) SXSW in Austin this March.

A while back, I was invited to attend a house party. SWS are friends of friends (and now friends of mine) and they were filming their first-ever rock video for a hells-yeah catchy ditty called “New City Anthem.” It’s all, like, Depeche Mode meets New Wave meets Robot Rock.

Thirty of us packed into a basement with a mountain of free beer, some sweat, and some hot, 18-year-old girls, many of whom get a lot of face time. But that’s okay, cos they were nice.

Shameless Media Whore Moment: I’m in the Video
Grinning for the New City AnthemThis is what came of it. A brilliant, expensive-looking-but- no-budget, crisply and professionally directed video from BKS Crew Productions. As SWS singer Hatch said: “it’s like they took a $5 bill and stretched it around the corner.” Check it out.

I’m in the background in black next to a chap with a cap at around 0:33 and then again at 1:22ish with a grinning head, just after the dude who’s into the blonde chick.

Does anybody request music videos any more? Or does anyone here know how to get this thing seen by The Masses? Suggestions welcome. Support CanCon and spread the word.

Sex With Strangers play at the Lamplighter in Vancouver on January 28, along with Fake Shark-Real Zombie!, Accost and Lengthy List of Lovers. Tourdates and more at myspace.com/sexwithstrangers \m/

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  1. Love your website, dig the video, not to mention you have some serious moves. So proud of you chica!

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