The Backstage Rider loves alternative, indie, big and small rock and techno music, particularly for breakfast. She also loves positive reinforcement, your nice comments, chocolate and AAA passes. What else?

  • Invite us to your music event/gig/party in Vancouver and we just might come
  • Send us your new albums, and we just might listen (we don’t really do reviews, but we do get inspired for features)
  • Does you or your band want to do a Top 11 list or be considered for an interview?
  • Want to share with the world what’s on your backstage rider?
  • Are you a record company (whatever they are) or music PR flack who has something really cool to share?

Let us know! Put fingers to keyboard and email us.

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7 responses to “Contact”

  1. Hey ,I’d like to send you one of my CD’s.
    Or check out my tunes @

  2. Hi Mikala,

    How are you doing? I am just hanging out having drinks with Arthur and I heard you are a huge Sebadoh fan. I wish I had the space to express my absolute adoration for Lo Barlow. Lou is the hopeless romantic of our age. He had trancended indie rock.

    Ok, I am wasted and I might be come cross as over the top. Anyways, Arthur has built you up as such an amazing writer. I was hoping we can maybe share a drink at the concert and maybe throw ideas around. Sorry about my babble but I would love to hear your opinion on Lou’s influence on music from the last two deccades.

  3. Hi, love your page – your friend Kitty Amsbry is currently reading my autobiography “Stairway To Nowhere” about my time as lead singer/guitarist with Birmingham band Fashion (1978-80) – we were a big influence on Duran Duran in the early days, and toured as opening act for The Police, U2, B52s etc. Wondered if you’d like to do an interview/review the book/review the CDs sort of thing.

  4. Hey Mikala;
    I just wanted to send you reply regarding the Maloik painting. I think you should grab this painting. The original was inspired by you, you should have it. I realize it’s not a the girl version but it’s still a good quality piece. The only thing I ask is that you cover materials… that’s if you’re interested. This piece cost me about $180 to build. Canvas, paint, materials. This piece took 12 hours to paint. It is 36” X 24”

    Option 2: I print a high quality version of the red girl, If you give me a size you like I can give you an estimate from Fidelis, various price options. They’re the best in town. I would guess it’ll cost about the same as the painting at cost. Which is why I’l thinking the painting would be a better option for you. Let me know if any of these options appeal to you.


    Mark Pilon (atomos)

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