VIDEO PREMIERE: “Born Again Liars Social Club” by SEX WITH STRANGERS

Sex with Strangers, besides being my friends, are made out of awesome.

Actually, to be precise, they’re made out of lynx. Because lead singer Hatch Benedict loves lynx and thinks lynx are amazing. (Though, me personally? I’m kind of a bigger fan of the Manatee-Tarsier-Platypus triangularium.)

This clip was once again birthed into the world by Brett Harvey and  BKS Crew Productions, who’re responsible for SWS’ other fab videos, including THE ONE THAT I AM IN, “New City Anthem“. And it includes a Boba Fett bobblehead, an item sorely lacking in most modern-day moving pictures.

And the song? It’s pure Manatarsipus, and it comes from SWS’ new album Frontier Justice. Enjoy. \m/

2 responses to “VIDEO PREMIERE: “Born Again Liars Social Club” by SEX WITH STRANGERS”

  1. You’re right! It is pure manatarsipus! I’m almost as impressed by your zoological knowledge as I am by your ability to amuse and introduce me to great music.

  2. Now I like these peeps. They are fully like so many bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s but they have moxie and are funny. They have a cool.

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