Sex With Strangers: Top 11 Clues Your Girlfriend is a Robot (plus new album Frontier Justice)

Sex With Strangers, Frontier Justice

SPIN magazine favourites, SXSW chaos-inducers, robot dance pop pirates and bocci-loving friends to the BSRSex With Strangers today officially launch their third album Frontier Justice out on label Boutique Empire. It’s a good’un, folks, filled with sounds that will make you bump, grind and want to drink whiskey. It’s dirty dance with some delicious technicolour new wave spunked over it.

Frontier Justice is the conceptual/spiritual/literal follow up to the most awesome Tokyo Steel, and features a rather quite stunning bit o’ front art from the same dude who did the cover of TS – artist Rob Edmonds. Rob’s the same guy, you may not recall, who played the crazy painter in SWS’ last video for “We Want The Fire“. (Speaking of videos, did I mention that YOURS TRULY is in an SWS video? NO? Yes? Check it here.)

And as SWS are obsessed with robots, a futuristic society, urban decay, synthesizers and lynx (though I always argue the superior merits of the tarsier or platypus), it seemed only fitting that we ask singer Hatch Benedict and guitarist Wedge Beavers to provide BackstageRider with a suitable Top 11 to celebrate the launch of the new album. Ladies, gentlemen and robots in between, I present:

Top 11 Clues Your Girlfriend is a Robot…by Sex With Strangers

1) The cold, cold touch of her hand

2) Her parents never existed

3) She’s writes everything in capital letters

4) She knows every word to the Ewok song

5) Your friends are constantly nagging you with, “Hey man, she’s a robot”

6) Your cat has been missing for a week.

7) In your browser history, you stumble upon a Google search for “Why is my vagina beeping?”

8 ) She celebrates Lorne Greene’s birthday.

9) She’s secretly pissed you never wear the “I’m with robot” t-shirt she bought you.

10) She has an unusual aversion to water and pancake batter.

11) She whispers in your ear “I’m a f-cking robot”.

Shit. I THINK MY GIRLFRIEND IS  A ROBOT!  I love you, SWS. Bocci soon? You bring the balls, I’ll bring the booze. \m/

Sex With Strangers launch Frontier Justice tonight in Vancouver at the Biltmore Cabaret.

Sex With Strangers, pic by Ryan Plummer

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