Nervous Wreckords: “Doin’ It To Do It” New Video and Album Alert!

Valuminium will be the name of The Nervous Wreckords’ full-length follow-up to the dandy little EP “Nailbighter“. It’ll be out later this summer, according to the workaholic, beardy and behatted rock n’ roller Brian Karscig who presides over camp NW.

Those of you with memories that stretch way back to about last year will recall Karscig’s previous band, Louis XIV and how they sorta split after a monumental tour opening for that Vegas show(lderpad) band, The Killers. The tour involved countless Air Miles, wine and backstage ligging with all sorts of famous people. See?

So what are you gonna do after you meet the Lizard King, sorry, Tom Cruise? Oh, you know, break up your band. Leave on a high. Take that long road to Hiatusville.

Karscig’s now rocking his own thing and by all accounts (and judging by the drunk texts we tend to exchange) enjoying himself.

“Doin’ it to do it” is the second video – and motto – of the band. And it debuted today. Have a peek and be on the listen for Valuminium – which will be winging its way into the ears of the discerning in mere months.

Check out San Diego’s Nervous Wreckords on MySpazz or on Twitter. Thanks to Brian K. for the photos. Please don’t kill me.

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