FREE! NEW! Gorillaz, Yeasayer* and Klaxons! OK!

Gorillaz, photoWhile most of you were getting hammered and slipping into a turkey Tryptophan coma, UK’s Gorillaz, Yeasayer and Klaxons were busy – and quietly – releasing freebies out on t’Internet.

As if it wasn’t enough to tour with about 18-million musicians and a live show that was, quite frankly, wide-grin amazing, Damon & Co had a fiddle on their iPads and Korgs whilst they travelled the space between their first and last North American gigs. The result? 15 songs, bits, samples, and sonic doohickeys for you, for FREE. All you have to do is figure out how to type your name and a few details into some boxes and you’re good to go. And the best bit beside the music? Music geeks will thrill to the list of the apps and instruments used to record whilst on tour – the band list them on the site.

Jamie Reynolds, Klaxons, photo

Download Gorillaz’ The Fall here.

BSR fave Brooklynites Yeasayer are also offering up a live recording from a show in Brussels in October and you can name your price for it from FREE to $9.99.

Download Yeasayer’s Live at Ancienne Belgique here.

But that’s not all…oooh, it’s like Kissmas all over again….Our friends in The Klaxons (who kindly put BSR on the list for their show in London this past August) also felt charitable this Christmas and have chucked out a five-song EP called “Landmarks of Lunacy”, recorded ages ago whilst, likely, high on drugs. Or perhaps not. Whatever. It’s free, and it’s for your ears.

Download Klaxons Landmarks of Lunacy here.

And by the way, did you ever see Klaxons utterly fucked-up video for “Twin Flames” off the album Echoes? Most people were disgusted by it. It’s a sort of Human Centipede-y orgy thing, involving the pasty English lads naked and making out with girls and themselves. Of course, I think it’s genius. You decide.

And enjoy the new music! \m/

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