More KLAXONS – Gallery/Review/Setlist from Vancouver

Jamie Reynolds, Klaxons, photoBecause you can never have too much Klaxons, right? Okay, maybe you can, if you, like me, have listened to their debut album Myths of the Near Future a bazillion times. And is it so wrong to think that these still are the standyoutty ones at a live show?

The frenetic assault of “Magick” (complete with quiet bit that the crowd filled in with manic “woo-oo-oo-oos”)? An absolutely mental (just like in London) favourite show-closer “Atlantis to Interzone”? Genius.

Surfing the Void just needs a bit more time, I reckon, and live is really where it’ll work best. Its standout tracks, “Echoes”, show-opener “Flashover” and my fave “The Same Space” definitely have the edge in the department of the drunken, crowd-fave bounce.

Perhaps not quite so electric as they were in August at their homecoming in London, England (which the BackstageRider was there for – the kind lads put me on the list!), The Klaxons still filled the small Venue space with moments of awesome. Skip past Simon Taylor-Davis’ zombie stare (it was like he woke up somewhere around “Echoes”) and his reassuringly and consistently awful shirts and you’ve got vocalists Jamie Reynolds and James Righton both givin’ er…Yeah, yeah, okay they looked a bit tour-worn, but Klaxons live are still a pretty brilliant way to spend a Monday night. Or a Tuesday one. Wednesday would be good too. Or…\m/


  • Flashover
  • As Above, So Below
  • The Same Space
  • Gravity’s Rainbow
  • Venusia
  • Golden Skans
  • Twin Flames
  • Two Receivers
  • Magick
  • Valley of the Calm Trees
  • Echoes
  • Future Memories
  • It’s Not Over Yet
  • Surfing the Void
  • Atlantis to Interzone
Posted by Mikala   @   5 October 2010

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