Klaxons Debut New Album at Intimate London Show

Klaxons, live in London, backstagerider.com photoKlaxons, we remember when you were utterly bonkers.

We remember when you came on stage in ridiculous outfits (was that singer Jamie Reynolds in a towel hat or toga-thing on the last US tour?) and your music splattered into 18 different directions, and was manic and sort of klangy. We remember Myths of the Near Future. But it’s now two days after the release of your second album Surfing the Void and you’re looking and sounding rather….NORMAL?

Not that we’re complaining, no. It’s just weird. Or not weird enough.

Klaxons played a small, sold-out gig at London nightclub Heaven on August 25 and launched directly into the still-manic (phew!) song from Surfing, “Flashover” . But where was the bonkers? Oh yes, there it is, on guitarist Simon Taylor-Davis.  Thank gods the ridiculous floppy fringe and garish shirts haven’t disappeared. Huzzah! There’s still a market for clash-tastic patterns from hell!

But, to the new music of Surfing the Void. In all, the band made it through the entirety of Album Two to a grinning, welcoming home crowd. Of those tracks, “Echoes” is definitely the winner anthem and the throng jumped on this one together as if they’d slept with it for as long as they had “Golden Skans”.

“Venusia” began with a great New Wave synthy racket but then flagged a bit, as did “Twin Flames” and “Future Memories”. “Same Space” showed more promise, but the new album feelsa bit more linear and structured than their debut Mercury-award-winning platter. Not sure we ever want the Klaxons to grow up, do we? Nevermind, they’ve still got great energy live, the album could still prove to be a grower, and the band played with what seemed like a genuine excitement at being back for this pre-festival warm-up.

Undeniably, however, the audience were clearly gagging for the ye old faithful Myths‘ tracks and the band obliged by sewing in oldies with newies. “As Above, So Below” and “Future Love” were the first stops, and “Golden Skans” did fairly rock out. Even keyboardist/singer James Righton (who bandmate Jamie Reynolds had the audience serenade with a Happy Birthday chorus) seemed chuffed. “It’s fucking insane,” he said, grinning like a loon after “Skans” but it wasn’t quite insane…no, it was “It’s Not Over Yet”, “Two Receivers” “Magick” and – best of the night – “Atlantis to Interzone” that really went off thanks to heavy, driving drums and the slight dose BARMY wot is Klaxons’ trademark.

Ah yes, it’s that delicious Klaxons chaos.

So welcome back, boys. But don’t go changin’ too much.

The Klaxons start their world tour this weekend at Reading and Leeds. Check out their tour dates and pick up Surfing the Void, out now. For more information, visit www.klaxons.net.

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