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  • And so say all of us: YEASAYER so good in black and white

    It’s been six years since I started writing about Yeasayer. It’s been five years since I made a very tired Yeasayer sit up against a wall in the Commodore Ballroom to pose for our photoshoot, looking more miserable than they are in real life, because in real life outside of photos, they’re lovely chaps. It’s been…

  • FREE! NEW! Gorillaz, Yeasayer* and Klaxons! OK!

    Trawling the Interwebs since 7am this morning, so you don’t have to. Here’s some free, new music from London lads Gorillaz, as well as those capuchins in The Klaxons, plus Brooklyn baboons Yeasayer* (Technically you should pay for it but you CAN get it for free). Holy crap, awesome!