Top 11: TV Show Theme Songs…And Introducing Gregory Pepper

Gregory Pepper, photoWho? Gregory Pepper. I SAID: GREGORY PEPPER!

Never heard of him? Yeah, no wonder. He’s from Guelph, Ontario. CANADA. He’s probably really popular and really cool near Toronto, but you know what TORONTO is like.

I used to be from Toronto. So I kinda get it. And I’m going to school you. I like Gregory Pepper. He’s an artist on both sides of the coin. Like, Heads: he draws stuff, Tails: he makes music. You can pick which one you’re interested in – his illustrations or his slack, cleverdumb indie choons – on his website here.

He’s got a thing called Gregory Pepper and His Problems and his latest joint is a thing called Common Grackle. The album’s helmed by Canadian hiphop producer FACTOR , Kool Keith is on there singing about Mondays and beardy rapper Ceschi also lends his stylin’ to a track that I dig on the album called “The Great Depression”. I think the video’s great too, but then I’m depressed a lot. Here it is anyway:

Anyway, I dig Gregory Pepper’s sort of goodBranVan3000 kinda thing, and maybe you might too. So I was all, like, “Gregory Pepper. Will you give me a Top 11?” So he did.

I’m kinda bummed he didn’t include themes to the Great Space Coaster or Fat Albert, but HEY! HEY! HEY! that’s just me. So here’s his:

Gregory Pepper’s Top 11 TV Show Theme Songs

1) Rawhide
2) The Edison Twins
[Backstagerider’s note: I used to actually date the guy who played the kid Paul Edison]
3) MASH (aka “Suicide is Painless”) [Backstagerider’s note: The Manic Street Preachers also did a great cover of this, here]
4) Kids in the Hall (aka “Having an Average Weekend“)
5) The Littlest Hobo* (aka “Maybe Tomorrow“)
6) Laverne and Shirley (aka “Making Our Dreams Come True“)
7) Rocket Robin Hood
8 ) The Mighty Hercules
9) All in the Family (aka “Those Were the Days“)
10) Cheers (aka “Where Everybody Knows Your Name“)
11) The Monkees

Well played, sir. I would also like to doff my cap to Pepper for his own theme songs’ lyrics. Particularly “At The Grindcore Show“:

“The girls have scary haircuts/all the guys are clad in spikes/the singer just knocked out some poor kid’s front tooth with the mic/there’s severed goat heads stuck on spikes/and the only thing I know/is that I don’t wanna die at the grindcore show.”

Dumbfun, right? So now you’ve met Gregory Pepper. You’re welcome. \m/

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Gregory Pepper and Factor

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