Dean & Britta: Top 11 Things Britta Thinks Are Sexy

Here at BackstageRider Towers, we like sexy things. We like sexy food. We like sexy people. And we definitely like sexy people doing sexy music. Britta Phillips, for instance.

Britta Phillips is sexy because she is one-half of Dean & Britta – New York’s effortlessly chic loungey indie popsters – and was formerly one-fourth of Luna, New York’s effortlessly chic, loungey indie popsters. She is also sexy because she was actually the singing voice of Jem and the Holograms and let’s face it, those earrings were AMAZING.

Britta is also sexy becase she and blue-eyed crooner husband Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna) were commissioned to write the music to accompany “The 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests”, and they also did the  soundtrack to The Squid & The Whale AND they also run their own label, Double Feature Records. And she is also sexy in knee-high boots.

But this is not nearly as important as the fact that Britta is sexy because she’s got a lovely purr – innocent but also sneaky – which makes anything she sings on, well, you know…

My history with Dean goes back to 1992 but I’ll save those stories for another day. We’re here to bring sexy back. And so, I asked the lovely Britta to talk dirty to us about the things she rather quite fancied over the past year. Take note, chaps, there are two things you can sort immediately. Oh and she also likes sausage, apparently.

Top 11 Things I Think Are Sexy – by Britta Phillips

1. Guys wearing tight trousers again. Finally!
2. The band, Paper Cuts (especially the sound of the bass guitar… sigh…)
3. Performing a Velvet Underground song beneath a projection of Lou Reed while he was in the audience.
4. Jane Holzer brushing her teeth. Seriously. (from the “13 Most Beautiful… songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests” DVD)
5. Guys that don’t sing in a quivering whisper.
6. Sam Worthington.
7. Matt & Lee’s backstage dance before every single Warhol Performance. (Matt Sumrow plays guitar & keys, Lee Wall plays drums)
8. Acting in a Philly Cream cheese commercial. I was paid to flirt, basically.
9. Recording vocals on MGMT’s new album (the song is called “It’s Working”)
10. Currywurst joint opening across the street.
11. Being in Spain… anywhere in Spain…

Have an exceedingly sexy day, folks. \m/

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