Mike Doughty: Top 11 New Year’s Resolutions

Singer-songwriter, wry writer, poet, photographer, prodigious blogger, and (I know he hates when we bring this up but I know he likes parentheses ‘cos his new album is full of them) former lead singer of 90s alt-spunk band Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty is truly a one-of-these-kids-is-doing-his-own-thing sort of cool. Without being, yunno, coooooool.

Because cool, as we know it, folks, implies effort. In fact, it doesn’t imply but expects the following: ironic t-shirts, jeans from Japan that you can’t ever wash though the ink dyes your white Vans blue, a predilection for “urban vinyl” toys, being able to say “I had a seriously peaty scotch at Diamond”, and a record collection that includes singles by mumbly teenagers from Sarf London. (Looking at you The XX.)

Awwww, yeah.

That ain’t Doughty.

And yet….

…what makes Doughty cool (besides his love for both open and closed brackets and his making of witty and catchy “small rock” choons) is that he is, well, no bullshit. Mike Doughty is just an honest guy making music. Writing. Doing Stuff.

He’s honest about himself, honest in his songs, honest when talking ABOUT his songs, honest about getting clean, being on crazy pills, breaking-up/dating/being single/fucking a republican, about what he thinks about his time in Soul Coughing (he’d rather dig out his own liver with a spork before reforming) and honest in every question he answers during his Question Jar live gig. (What’s a Question Jar? Put your questions in a jar! He’ll answer them! Even the ones about cheese or robots! Especially the ones about cheese and robots!) Read my review of his Question Jar show in Van, here.

So it being the season, and Doughty being the No BS guy,  the Backstage Rider had to ask:

Mike Doughty, honestly, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

My New Year’s Resolutions by Mike Doughty

1. Be groovy
2. Eat my greens
3. Observe the first law of rocking, which is: Don’t stop rocking.
4. Avoid the key of D
5. Limit coffee consumption to sub-cocaine levels
6. Get really really fat
7. Eschew arson
8. Listen to more Tigrinya folk music
9. Wear fisherman’s waders
10. Burn guitars for fuel

See? No BS. ;). Except maybe about the waders…and the getting fat… and…uh, I’m not certain. Why don’t you ask him? I’m sure he’ll answer honestly.\m/

Mike Doughty’s latest album is “Sad Man, Happy Man” and out now on ATO Records and orderable through all fine establishments. He’s also heading out on tour with his guitar, the incomparable Andrew ‘Scrap’ Livingstone on cello and the Question Jar. So check the dates and go. Come armed with any question except “What is the unsingable name?”.

Follow Mike Doughty on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikedoughtyyeah
Check his site for the blog and tour dates:
Watch his new video for the stonking “(You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified)”
Mike Doughty Live in Vancouver photos by
Brittney Kwasney

Oh and hey: What are your New Year’s Resolutions? This website’s one of mine. Make with the commenting functionality below and let us know about your rockingest musical resolution for 2010… or why you think they’re utter bobbins in general.

3 responses to “Mike Doughty: Top 11 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I strongly feel you should add to your list of resolutions the following:

    Write a screenplay. Perhaps one that shares the title of your most recent record. I know that there was that Ruby Vroom play and those Aquaman comix, but I would love to see an original Doughty film. Heartwarming poetic fictions.

    Come on. I know you got the gumption.

  2. Mike there is so much to be said about some of those ,besides resolutions are made to be broken if there is something you really want to do quit talking about it and get it done, and waders could be fun

  3. Love the resolutions Mike. LOL
    Forgiveness and “open mindedness” are also good. I’m trying those myself.
    Another one of mine is the opposite of your “get fatter” one. I want to return to my former weight.
    Happy New Year!! See you on the road for my “millionth” show in 4 years. =D

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