Rock Hands of the Month: PENDULUM


Aussie-UK drum n’ bass superstarz (they are HYOOJ if you like your drum with bass) MC Verse and DJ Paul Harding from Pendulum popped in to Celebrities in Vancouver on March 18. They ripped the place apart.

The floors seriously bounced under foot all the way to the back of the club, the MC snogged or hugged practically every clubber there (including me at one point) and jumped around and crowdsurfed like a mad thing. And. The. Crowd. Went. Wild.

What was left after the carnage? Rock hands of course.\m/

Ben "MC Verse" Mount, Pendulum

DJ Paul Harding, Pendulum

One response to “Rock Hands of the Month: PENDULUM”

  1. We were super glad to put on that show. Great turn out especially for a Thursday, and the Pendulum boys were rockstars for sure but really nice fellows as well (I mean bad men, super hard core tough ass badmen).
    Check our website for upcoming drum and bass and dubstep events in Vancouver
    smooth hard aggressive happy

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