Obligatory SXSW Post: K. FLAY Throws BSR the Rockhands All the Way From Austin

K Flay, phone pic by Giselle Larcombe

I’m not in Austin (cue violins).

I’m broke, and apparently, there are a few other people down there writing about it, so I don’t need to be. But I do have spies. And one spy, Giselle Larcombe (who is more hipster than all of you though she hates when I call her that) has told me that Youth Lagoon, Widowspeak, Daughter, ExitMusic and Hospitality have all been rad.

But probably not as rad as this girl. This is Kristine Flaherty, otherwise known as K. Flay. And we dig K. Flay. Man, do we dig K. Flay.

And so, apparently, do a lotta them movers and shakers, ‘cos girl is getting some serious attention (in the way that serious attention equates to blog coverage and an exhaustive touring/media schedule that hustles her around Uhmerika). She’s currently deep in the heart of Texas trying to win the hearts and minds of the music industry – or whatever it is they do down there besides drink- and is most likely doing a spiffing job of it.

Why do we like K.Flay? She’s got good flow, is edgy but not pretentious, samples the XX, transfers well live, puts out a ton of lo-fi, cool videos, is pretty hands-on with her own social media and marketing and, yunno, is just groovy. Check out her YouTube video channel here.

So thanks to Giselle for cornering K after the Noise Pop Showcase today at Red Eyed Fly, and making her throw the goats for us here at BSR Central. (Check out last year’s awesome collection of SXSW rockhands!)

K Flay, we know you look knackered, a bit narked off (or izzat just badass?) and prolly hate us for publishing this fuzzy iPhone pic, but WE LOVE YOU, SO THANK YOU. Oh, and any videos with puppets in it are cool. Plus you can download her latest EP here, for free or in exchange for a tweet or like\m/

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