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The BackstageRider, she gets around. But it’s Gig Season. And anybody who’s into gigs knows that Gig Season doesn’t just mean #SXSW or #Coachella (*sniff*… too broke). It means one can also stay put. All the good bands and DJs tour the big NA before they’re whisked off to the summer Euro-trash festivals, so from February until June, you gotta be in like Flynn. In?

Here’s what the BackstageRider got up to between March 12 and 20th and it involves (in order) UK’s Gomez, Denmark’s Efterklang, Brooklyn’s Mike Doughty, New York/Vancouver’s Old Money, Vancouver’s The Manvils, Toronto’s Dragonette, Australia/UK’s Pendulum, UK’s John Digweed and Nova Scotia’s Postdata. Phew, it was like the bloody Olympics of Live Music.

Medal standings?
I got the gold for sheer fortitude and Doughty took home the silver for the wit and wonder of the Question Jar. My night out with Gomez/Efterklang netted the bronze for quality of hangover and conversation.

Runners up included Paul Murphy/Postdata for best lyrics, spooky beauty and amazing voice, while Dragonette’s helium baby Karen O got the nod for bowl cut and dimples. Old Money’s bouncing was good, but couldn’t beat MC Verse and Pendulum. And best sleeves go to Jay from The Manvils, while Mikey Manvil can’t be beat in the bonkers energy event. John Digweed took home the award for best knob-twiddling, but was a bit of a disappointment.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Timbre, Killbeat, Sandbag Records and Maple Music Recordings

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