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  • The Sick of Being Sick Playlist – BackstageRider’s House of Pain

    Hey guess what! I was in hospital on Monday-Tuesday! And off sick for the rest of it! Hurrah! Or not. Find, herewith, a Top 25 Playlist entitled “Sick of Being Sick”. Miss Misery loves company so bear this in mind the next time you’re fluey.

  • GALLERY: Last Week in Music

    ‘Tis the season to have a pop-rock-dance-drum n’ bass-singer-songwriter-hip-hop-indie-alt freakout. This week has been particularly rocktacular, so lay a cornea on pics of Gomez, Efterklang, Mike Doughty, Old Money, The Manvils, Dragonette, Pendulum, John Digweed and Postdata.