Teller & Braden, Vancouver

Every once in a while, several rockhands of such brilliance MAGICALLY appear in your inbox, from another Rockhands Soldier out there in the trenches. That someone so awesome, like Braden Deans of Vancouver, would take the time to corner the awesomely weird magicians, both Penn AND Teller, and get them to conjure goats for the BackstageRider, is no illusion.

Braden sent me these a while back but I was waiting for the right moment. PRESTO! Thanks, man!

You might not know this, but every photo on the BackstageRider GALLERY OF ROCKHANDS, of folks both famous, and famously awesome, have all been specifically taken for the site. We don’t dredge the Internet for devils’ horns, we create them.

YOU can get on the gallery and I would really like it if you did. Go to to find out how.\m/

Penn Jillette & Braden Deans, Vancouver

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