Category: I’m With The Band

  • A Day With Dinosaur Jr/Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow in Seattle

    Seven hours with with the King of Lo-Fi. What to do? Start with soundcheck, detour to a homemade dinner and the kindness of strangers, end up backstage with a scaredy cat poster, drink beer, rock out, then laugh a lot. Here’s a photo gallery of the first day of summer, BackstageRider-style. There’s even rockhands.

  • REWIND: Interview with Duran Duran’s John Taylor, 1995

    Duran Duran’s bassist, John Taylor, turns 50 years old today. When I imagined this day, I also imagined I’d be flying around with jetpacks. Here’s a REWIND to 1995, a revealing cassette-taped interview with John Taylor in which JT discusses getting fucked up, being pissed off, lacking in humility, how the band have changed and…

  • DIARY: Hanging Out With the Afghan Whigs, 1994

    FROM THE VAULTS: Another random diary entry from the BSR, in which our heroine finds herself hanging out with one of her fave bands from Cincinnati, Afghan Whigs, while they watched porn and chuffed up lines. “Now, THIS is the rock n’ roll life,” she thought. “Holy crap, it’s pretty sad.”

  • Guilty About Girls: Candy Candy

    Guilty About Girls has a new video out for the poppy little number, “Candy Candy”. They shot it this past weekend. Here it is in all its black and white glory, served up with some colourful anecdotes. Would you like fries with that?

  • GALLERY: Last Week in Music

    ‘Tis the season to have a pop-rock-dance-drum n’ bass-singer-songwriter-hip-hop-indie-alt freakout. This week has been particularly rocktacular, so lay a cornea on pics of Gomez, Efterklang, Mike Doughty, Old Money, The Manvils, Dragonette, Pendulum, John Digweed and Postdata.

  • The Only Answers: Mike Doughty Tips Out the Question Jar

    What is Mike Doughty’s Question Jar? It is a thing of beauty. And when the Brooklynite came through town this past weekend, we felt obliged to metaphorically tip the thing over on a quest to discover its awesomeosity. And we did.

  • Me, Richey Edwards and the Manic Street Preachers

    Remembering my night with Richey Edwards, guitarist and lyricist for the Manic Street Preachers, on the 15th anniversary of his disappearance. Readers, meet my diary. Diary, meet the Interweb.

  • REWIND: Making Beans on Toast With Therapy?

    Irish noiseniks Therapy? spent a lot of time in Toronto during the 90s. I was there. And they taught me many things. Here, they share an ancient British recipe.

  • REWIND: A letter from Lou Barlow, Dinosaur Jr/Sebadoh, 1993

    Attention all indie record store clerks! Want to know what Lou Barlow got up to when he was last in Vancouver with Dinosaur Jr? Or see what really makes him a great big Sebadoh-songwriting softie? Read on.