Contest Closed: WIN a pair of tickets + camping or shuttle passes to PEMBERTON MUSIC FESTIVAL in Pemberton, BC!

St Vincent, pic by Mikala Folb/backstagerider.comTHIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, thanks to all for entering!

This year’s Pemberton Music Festival is held between July 16-20 and  has got an eclectic line-up (TV on the Radio! Blondie!Dinosaur Jr! Metz!Sloan! Flying Lotus! Violet Femmes! Flaming Lips! St Vincent! Rich Aucoin! The New Pornographers! And those are just the bands I would go to see) and is set in the mountain wilds of Pemberton, BC –  just a 3-4hr drive from Vancouver.

Headliners also include Nine Inch Nails, Outkast, Deadmau5 and Soundgarden plus a solid rap and comedy lineup, if you are, as the kids used to say, down with that kind of thing.

The best news? I’m giving away one pair of tickets to the full festival, and with that comes a choice: I’ll also throw in a pass for camping or shuttle (from nearby Whistler, where you’ll book your own accommodations).

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what band you want to see most, and why! I’ll choose a winner at random.

The contest runs from 7pm (PST) on Thursday, July 3rd until 11:59pm (PST) on Wednesday, July 9th. The winner will be contacted by email on July 10th and must reply to confirm by July 10th. No other transportation or amenities are provided and you must bring your own camping gear if you choose that option. Wristband pick up will be coordinated by the fine folks at the Pemberton Music Festival.

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest festivals of the summer!

Get tickets now:
And for the lineup and more info, visit:

Pemberton 2014 Lineup

31 responses to “Contest Closed: WIN a pair of tickets + camping or shuttle passes to PEMBERTON MUSIC FESTIVAL in Pemberton, BC!”

  1. Empire of the Sun! Futuristic headdress & tribal facepaint playing feel-good music? Can’t resist! (But love me some Chris Cornell & Trent Reznor!)

  2. That’s so hard to narrow it down to one favorite band. It would have to be a tie between Soundgarden for the 23 years of me spinning BadmotorFinger ever since my first yellow sony Walkman. Or getting Raptured by the musical muse known as Blondie. Pemberton came back with a really good lineup.

  3. I’m most excited to see NIN and Outkast! Been such huge fans of both for years and haven’t had the chance to see either live before.

    Plus, I really want to go on the water slide!

  4. St.Vincent cause I need to see in real life what all the buzz is about + Dino Jr. cause they make me happy and would make it an even 6 times to see them + Flaming Lips cause I’ve NEVER seen them live and I deserve too and finally Blondie cause we’re the same age and grew old together 🙂 Norm MacDonal would be an interesting comedy act for sure. Nine Inch and Soundgarden will be the super crowded shows….I think I prefer the secondary acts even better……..done, thank you…bye bye 🙂

  5. I’d really like to watch St. Vincent. But not at the concert or anything, just like peering at her backstage or whatever. Maybe take a few sniffs of her socks after she takes them off. I’ll play it by ear.

  6. I’d really like to see Blondie. They’re part of the soundtrack of my youth from the 80’s. I’ve never seen them live and it would be a real treat to so. Hearing songs like Heart of Glass, Call Me, etc would bring back so many wonderful memories.

  7. Randy Newman is a genius, period. TV on the Radio are groundbreakers… the rest of the lineup is phenomenal. Great festival this year.

  8. Metric and Snoop Dogg for sure! Would be fantastic to see them both live.

  9. I really want to see Outkast! How fun would that be? I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson- OOHHHH- I AM FOR REALLLL!

  10. Frank Ocean! Man’s not been playing any shows recently and I really wanna see him while I have the chance!

  11. Definalty a difficult decision, but I have to say the violent femmes. They have been one of my favourites for forever; seeing them live would be amazing.

  12. I would absolutely love to see Empire of the Sun. I’ve never seen them before, and I’ve heard that they’re one of the best live acts of all time!!

  13. Snoop dogg!! He’s the man! Flaming Lips! Grimes! AMD Justice DJ set is ridiculous!!!!

  14. Can’t wait to see minus the bear!!!! I used to play their songs on repeat when I used to study in undergrad. Now I’m in grad school and its nostalgia alllllll over again!

  15. Girl Talk! Never seen him live, been a fan the moment I heard Night Ripper.

  16. So hard to just choose one… I’d say it’s got to be Deadmau5 because 1. Amazing songs 2. He’s Canadian and 3. his ability to rock it out so hard in a costume – pure talent

  17. It’s a tough decision here, but I’d say Violent Femmes! They’re a super classic, and although they have toured kinda recently, I’ve never had a chance to catch them live. It would be like singing around random bonfires with your best friends on the height of your life all over again. (Damn, I must sound like 40 years old tho lol.)

    Kaytranada is super fresh, but that’s another story. MUST have a laugh with the Trailer Park Boys too. Oh man, so much to do so little time. <3!

  18. I really wanna see Modest Mouse! Also Bob Saget’s comedy sketch might be good haha

  19. Would love to see Outkast! Who wouldn’t want to sing and dance along to ‘hey ya’ live?!

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