Win A Pair of Tickets to Ariel Pink Live in VANCOUVER on November 26 (+ see his new trippy Wayne Coyne iPhone video)

Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti

Calling all Vancouverites or, really, anyone who wants to drive, fly or take an ox up (or down) to Vancouver on the eve of November 26 (this Friday, folks).

I’ve got a spare pare of tickets to see the wunnerful Ariel Pink and His Haunted Grafitti live! The official deets are thus:

ARIEL PINK’S  HAUNTED GRAFFITI & OS MUTANTES  (With Special Guest DIVA) at The Rickshaw Theatre. All Ages/Licensed show, Doors at 8:00pm, Show 9:00pm

Tickets $20.00 advance available online at Also available at Red Cat, Scratch, Zulu, Highlife and Ditch (Victoria) Records.

Answer the following question in the comments section down below for your chance to win:


ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY 10am  (PST) on Friday, November 26 and the winner will be notified by email by 11am. One winner will be selected at random (though I will heart you more if you’re creative) and get to take a mate to the show.

And because that’s no’ nearly enough, I’mma gonna fck with your head a bit. Here’s Ariel’s trippy brand-new video for “Round & Round”. It was filmed on  Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne’s iPhone. (If you’ve ever followed Coyne on Twitter you’ll understand how well the words “trippy” and “iPhone” go together in this instance).

For more double Wayne Coyne/Ariel Pink action, check out my frankly awesome: “Hangin’ out With Wayne Coyne and Ariel Pink” piece.

Leave your comment on why you wanna see Ariel Pink live down below to be in it to win it! \m/

5 responses to “Win A Pair of Tickets to Ariel Pink Live in VANCOUVER on November 26 (+ see his new trippy Wayne Coyne iPhone video)”


    I have had the opportunity now three times to see Ariel Pink and have missed out all times. The first time I was actually away while they were in Vancouver, the second time I had the chance to see them in Chicago. The day I had the opportunity to see them in Chicago ended up being the only day I could go to six flags however so I didn’t end up seeing them.

    The third time was the day I had tickets to the Flaming Lips in Vancouver on September 26th. The night before was my friends going away party so I stayed up REALLY REALLY late drinking and having some last good times before she flew to Thailand. In September my best friend (who was with me during all times we had the chance to see ariel pink) and I were in the process of completing a thirty day bikram yoga challenge. So after spending a night piss drunk we had to drive hungover from Langley to Richmond to do an hour and a half of hot yoga. Afterward you can imagine how we felt.

    We then proceeded to spend the afternoon upon my couch slightly delirious. We ended up watching the movie “Hotel for Dogs” in the mid afternoon. Previously we had huge plans to get downtown early and see Ariel Pink and be front and center. However upon this day we were not the usual concert go-getters and ended up getting lost in this silly movie, bussing and arriving at the Malcolm Bowl precisely as Ariel Pink left the stage.

    This is the sad tale of how Deidre and Kaylee missed the opportunity to see Ariel Pink. However, they were given the opportunity to see Ariel Pink one last time. Due to working at McDonalds and to still paying off a fun summer Deidre and Kaylee cannot afford twenty dollar tickets to Ariel Pink.

    I would like to see Ariel Pink because I believe this is contest is a way of “god” graciously giving myself and my best friend one last chance to sway to the tunes of a lovely musician.


    SO PWEEZ, be my genie, grant me one wish and I will forever be in your debt.

  2. the last time i saw ariel pink, he sat on the stage grabbing his head. and STILL they had some of the best three part harmonies i’ve ever heard. so please, PLEASE, give me a chance to see the band while he’s standing up!

  3. I like good concerts and this one sounds amazing. So I’d like to see it. No long epic story from me. Just would really like the chance to see something new to me.

  4. Why do I want to see Ariel Pink live in Vancouver?

    To start, Deidre nicely summed up my story in a nutshell! I have had two opportunities to see Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (who happen to be one of my favorite bands) yet both times fell through. Once in Chicago where the day of their show clashed with our already-made plans to go to Six Flags. The second time Deidre and I were going to see them in Vancouver with the Flaming Lips but, unfortunately, and as mentioned, due to a previous late night for our good friend’s going-away-to-Asia party, we were exhausted and decided to take a later bus. (And yes, watched Hotel for Dogs.) Of course it so happens that we showed up after Ariel Pink had already finished. I told myself not to panic for they were coming back in November, but as it turns out that due to school and debts I cannot afford to spare even twenty dollars! Anyways, third time could be a charm, right? The opportunity to see this wonderful band would honestly be the cherry on top of my fall!

    Thanks for your time! 🙂

  5. Ariel looks like a Barbie after a three year old has given it a makeover.
    The first time I saw Ariel play, he laid down on the stage and told the audience he had to go to sleep.Then he said he was going to Misoolah.
    The second time I saw Ariel, this happened
    Later that afternoon, I slipped on a grape and broke my behind.
    I have about three dollars in my bank account.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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