Goin Down: Photos of DINOSAUR JR. loud and live in Vancouver

Anybody who knows me knows I’ve spent a lot of time with Dinosaur Jr. I’ve been on a tour bus between Seattle and Vancouver with Dinosaur Jr. (and Henry Rollins). I’ve been on the side of the stage in Spain with Dinosaur Jr. I’ve been on a cruise to Mexico with Dinosaur Jr. I’ve been shopping in Whole Foods in Portland with Dinosaur Jr (and Damian from Fucked Up!). Safe to say, I know Dinosaur Jr. pretty well. I’ve known Lou for 26 years, Murph for aaages and in all that time, have shared at least one-full-dozen words with J. Mascis. But this was the first time I bought Dinosaur Jr. socks. They’re pretty cool.

And so are Dinosaur Jr. Always. You gotta push in the earplugs, for there was J’s Jazzmaster wailing between the cracks in his amp Tower of Power,¬† Lou bouncing around all curls and thrumming bass, there was Murph pummelling, and there was “Thumb”, “In A Jar”, “Tarpit”, Lou’s “Left/Right”, “Feel the Pain”, “Out There” “Start Choppin”, “Freak Scene”, “Forget the Swan” and more, plus an encore of the best pairing of “Kracked” into “Sludgefeast.” It was loud and it was hairy, and it was just like it always was, with a bit of extra keyboard. So here are some photos from their October 24 set at the¬†Commodore Ballroom on October 24 in Vancouver and check out these little fury things. \m/

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