Introducing a rad Boston music blog: Ryan’s Smashing Life (This post brought to you by the Stanley Cup)

Ryan's Smashing LifeHere’s the deal: I really like Boston-based music blog, Ryan’s Smashing Life, a lot. But it’s chafing me to write this post.

Why? ‘Cos it means the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team sucked ass in the Playoffs and lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. It means 100K+ fanatics crowding in the sunshine of Vancouver’s downtown (and countless others, like me, holed up with a bad back) are probably still drunk, crying into their beers (or setting things on fire). It means I have lost a bet.

Ryan Spaulding and I met online when he emailed to ask me if his photographer Mark Jenko could get a photo pass for Sebadoh’s gig at Boston’s Paradise club back in March. I said yes, sorted the guestlist, we got type-talking, they put out some stunning pics and a fab review. We stayed in touch. I read his stuff, he reads my stuff.

And then we made a bet. A Stanley Cup bet. A Vancouver Versus Boston bet. Loser writes a post about how great they think the other blog is.  It was my idea. I got all cocky before game 3 (uh, yeah) whilst on a business trip in Chicago, andArchers of Loaf, pic by Chris March challenged Ryan to step up. He willingly and gallantly accpeted. And here we are. Well, actually, here I am in Vancouver, having just watched MY team lose. And Ryan, being way more rock than me tonight, is in Toronto for music festival North by Northeast/NXNE, holed up at Wayne Gretzky’s Sports Bar, having just watched HIS team win.

But it’s a win (lose)- win kinda thing. Boston simply played better than we did. And Ryan’s Smashing Life is a pretty cool blog that I’m happy to introduce you to. They’ve got beautiful gig pics, a heads up on the East Coast indie scene and some great movie reviews. And I really respect Ryan . Why? ‘Cos there are few folks who have as crazy a music and gig and entertainment sked as I do – AND YET STILL DRAGS HIS ASS INTO HIS DAY JOB. He does his site for the same reason I do: we love music. These are our babies.

Ryan Spaulding from Ryan's Smashing LifeSo what else do I like about RSL? Its recent Archers of Loaf gallery and review was kewl, as is Ryan’s Twitterin’ (when he’s not ribbing the Canucks). Fave Tweet recently?  “Finding out your crush has shitty taste in music is akin to finding out they’re racist, or don’t like dogs – kind of a dealbreaker”. And despite the fact that we’re halfway through 2011, I got a softspot for his best moments on the blog in 2010 (including when it won Best Music Blog in Boston!).

So yeah, Ryan, I’m looking mightily forward to following your smashing life for years to come. And to hear about what you uncover at North by Northeast/NXNE (Don’t forget to check out Humans, Pack AD and Diamond Rings!) And hey, Boston played better. Way better. Congratulations, Boston, congratulations Ryan! You are a worthy opponent. And you rock. \m/

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  1. Had no idea you would get this up here so quickly Mikala. You rock, but we both already knew that. Will have lots from Toronto this week. Gretzky’s bar in Toronto was half-and-half but the Canucks fans were admittedly far more colorful in their garb.

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