Introducing: HUMANS – With Pics By Kris Krüg

Humans, photo by Kris Krüg

Humans – a handsome twosome based in Vancouver – are like what happens when White Soul struts his way through the doors of a hip club, heads to the bar to order something on the rocks and bumps into the cool, gleaming robot Chip Tune, who’s  making out with a hot art-school student.

Organic, meet machine. Guitar, meet Commodore 64. Groove, meet glitch. Robbie Slade, meet Peter Ricq.

World, meet your Humans.

Yeah, okay there were other bands called Humans out there, but this is one you want to listen to right now. They’re indie, they’re East Meets West (Ricq’s from Montreal, Slade’s from Nelson, British Columbia), they’ve been playing coveted club shows and festivals, and this weekend, they’re about to rock a slot and move the movers and shakers at  TEDxVancouver. They are, as they say, coming up.

They’ve also got a highly hip-swaying new EP out called Avec Mes Mecs (only $6!!!) and a video for the track “Bike Home” featuring some  puppets cops (see down below). It is an inescapable fact: PUPPETS MAKE A GOOD SONG EVEN MORE AMAZING-ER (and shhh, don’t tell anyone but the puppets may eventually return…in time.) And them Humans are nice chaps. So…we 0wn 0ther team!

BackstageRider and his Eminence, photog Kris Krüg, tracked them down before their Diamond Rings opener slot to get smoke in their hair, smoke in their lungs, and talk TV, zombies and STUFF while they crawled the walls. Now I’ve introduced you. Enjoy them, enjoy the video, enjoy the photos. I am. \m/

Humans, photo by Kris Krüg

Humans, photo by Kris Krüg

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  1. Fantastic photos! Saw these guys open for Diamond Rings in Vancouver last weekend and they absolutely killed it, despite a reoccurring mic glitch. Chat after the show confirmed that they are, indeed, cool dudes…I’m loving it.

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