THE PACK A.D. in PICS (Photos from Red Room, May 14)

The Pack AD, pic by Mikala Taylor/

I took a Pack A.D. virgin to the show last night. (Insert “Muhahahahahaha” here.)

She came out raving. About how funny Maya Miller is, and “what an amazing drummer!” About how singer/guitarist Becky Black is not only shit-hot on guitar, vocals, MOVES, but, yunno, also just shit-hot. She wanted to come along the next time the band plays a venue that doesn’t suck as enormously as Vancouver’s Red Room. She thought they were “impeccable”.

And indeed the Pack AD, from the salty city of Vanhattan, are impeccable in that dirty rock way. Their songs are simple, uncorrupted bashers – bluesy punk, done well and quickly, by two rad people. Singles “Crazy”, “Deer”, “Blackout” “BC is on Fire” “Cobra Matte” are monsters. Becky channels Joan Jett’s moves and bellows from the depths, Maya’s banter is sharp, the cowbell has a Skates sticker on it, and together they just…get it…and do it. The Pack AD know how to rock a live show.

The new Pack AD album (the follow up to the stonking We Kill Computers) is out this autumn, and the new songs – about four they played last night -are sounding ace. My pick? “Rid of Me”. It’s got sharp teeth.

And it’s nice to be bitten by the Pack. Rawr. \m/

Posted by Mikala   @   15 May 2011

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