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It is no secret to anyone following BSR on Twitter or the Facebook page (you want to ‘Like’ me?), that I have a raging rock crush on The Pack a.d. And it’s probably no secret to them either. The coupla times we’ve crossed paths, my plan has always been to raise a pint of 1516 at them and go “fucking hell, ladies, ye doth rock.” Instead I’m usually several pints in and instead lurch and babble. Smooth.

Been a long time since I’ve gotten this excited about a band. Ergo, you should too.

Becky Black and Maya Miller’s latest album is We Kill Computers (out on Mint Records) – a speedy, bluespunk rock platter made amazing by Miller’s A-NI-MAL!!!! drumming and Black’s otherwordly and voluminous howl. It’s currently sitting in my Top 10 for ’10.

Live, the twosome are supercharged gritty awesome. Expect random Converse shoe changes, pausing for a shot or two, crawling on speakers, cowbell assaults, headbanging, jokes and, most importantly, tracks from We Kill Computers or their two earlier efforts, Funeral Mixtape and TinType. You may even get to buy some cool merch.

The Pack a.d. are on tour in the US and Canada (with two stops at NXNE, in Toronto and a Vancouver Commodore slot with the Anti-Pop Consortium) now and likely forever more. Have a listen and pick a date on MySpace. And when you go, say hi to them from me babble babble babble… \m/

Posted by Mikala   @   6 June 2010

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Jun 6, 2010
3:42 pm
#1 Tracey :

Love it, Love you, Love them!

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