Update on the new MERCURY REV album, right from the Grasshopper’s mouth

You can start by feeling old. It’s the 20th Anniversary of classic, mind-melting MERCURY REV album Boces. Then get excited. Why? Because Mercury Rev are recording again.

Been chatting a lot recently with Mercury Rev’s Grasshopper.  He’s excited (particularly about his mandolin, seen here), I’m excited. You should be excited, too.

The band have returned to the studio – well, studios, really, and are recording right now as I type. EXCITING!

“Recording at [Rev member Dave] Fridmann’s Tarbox Studio (near Buffalo) and also in the Catskills at our own studio and at Anthony Molina’s studio [White Light Studio]” says Grasshopper, though he’s not sure when the album will be out. “We are working at a nice clip! Maybe spring? Great new tunes! I’m as excited as a fox in a henhouse! Goosebumps…”

“Here’s a sample” of the songs, he said, and sent me this:

Ooooh I love that song! SO EXCITED. Are you excited? \m/

One response to “Update on the new MERCURY REV album, right from the Grasshopper’s mouth”

  1. Can’t wait!
    In the meantime, they’ve also recorded a version of “Sea Of Teeth” for Box Of Stars’ upcoming Last Box Of Sparklers, a tribute album to Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous raising money for Mental Health charities – scroll down to the bottom of their campaign page to hear it (and a few other gems – can’t recommend Mark Lanegan’s contribution highly enough)

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