LUNA/Dean & Britta’s DEAN WAREHAM and BRITTA PHILLIPS to Release Three Solo Albums

Jim James and Dean Wareham, pic by Britta Phillips

The one thing that helps a gal survive a quiet winter gig season – or being housebound in Toronto looking after BackstageRider The Elder – is knowing that somewhere, somehow, some of my favourite people are making new music that I might hear this year.

And it’s even better if they’re married, and played in two bands together, but are now making separate solo albums. Three of them.

Enter Galaxie 500/Luna/Dean & Britta’s Dean Wareham and Luna/Dean & Britta’s Britta Phillips.

Dean & Britta have spent the last few years focusing on their D&B albums, the 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests project, as well as performing Galaxie 500 tracks on tour. Dean also wrote a pretty wonderful bio, Black Postcards, and the duo have been putting out some lush music for weird films.

But now they’re back – and making new musicks separately. And in Dean’s case, a LOT of new music. Which Britta plays on. You dig?

Here’s the update:


“I have pretty much recorded two full albums, one produced by Jim James (My Morning Jacket) in Louisville, Kentucky, the other produced by Jason Quever (Papercuts) in San Francisco. At some point these will be released under my name, but label and release date are still to be determined. Band is myself, Britta and Anthony LaMarca (our drummer) plus contributions from Jim James and Jason Quever respectively. I should have a clearer idea of release schedule in a couple of months.”

(When asked what the songs are sounding like, Dean replied: “Some songs are mellow. Other songs rock. I know this probably isn’t very helpful.”)

Meanwhile, Jim James has also just released his wonderful solo album Regions of Light and Sound of God. So it’s solo albums aplenty!


“My solo project is not nearly finished (I’ve been busy recording with Dean). Scott Hardkiss and I have recorded a bunch of covers, including “Drive,” by The Cars and “Landslide,” by Fleetwood Mac. It’s a mix of electronics (drum machines, synths) and real bass and guitar. Mostly mellow tempos so far, but there’s one original song that one could dance to. It started out as an instrumental track Dean and I recorded for Noah Baumbach’s new film, Francis Ha! (due out in May).”

Britta’s also recording the voices for a Fox animated series called High School USA! written by Community/Mr. Show‘s Dino Stamantopoulos, out in July.

TWO new Deans and one Britta? Joy! Stay tuned. \m/

Dean Wareham, pic by Britta Phillips

Dean Wareham, pic by Britta Phillips

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Feb 18, 2013
3:37 pm
#1 BLS :

This is outstanding news. Dean is my favorite songwriter and performer of the last 20+ years. Whether with Galaxie 500, Luna, or Dean and Britta, he’s always made interesting, beautiful, brilliant music.

Author Feb 19, 2013
1:27 pm
#2 Mikala :

Thanks for the comment Brian! I wholeheartedly agree – I’ve known Dean for years and years and years (since the first Luna album) and we’ve stayed in touch. I was honoured he’d spill a few tiny beans on the new albums to me 🙂

Mar 9, 2013
6:15 am

Love Britta, she’s beautiful and don’t even look her age. Got movie Satisfaction on DVD love this movie. Justine and Britta were badass in this movie. Love all the cast. Britta ur great and so sexy great singer . Keep Rocking!!! Connie

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