My Bloody Record Review: First Listen of “MBV” by My Bloody Valentine

It was totally worth waiting 22 years for. And it was weirdly released, in a flurry, and broke the Internet. And Twitter was really entertaining for a few hours. And I made this Grumpy Cat thing. The end.

Here’s my tweet-by-tweet review, as I listened, and half of the universe still struggled to download it. Now I’m not saying this is a well-edited or conceived review befitting inclusion in Da Capo’s Best Music Writing compilations. It’s just my gut, coming out in 140 characters-ish at a time. Everywhere else will delve into chin-scratching, navel- and shoegazing, so I’ll leave them to it, and you to this. There’s only so many ways one can describe “reverb.” \m/

2 responses to “My Bloody Record Review: First Listen of “MBV” by My Bloody Valentine”

  1. Weirdly, this is my 1st MBV album – was off listening to other stuff, doing other things, being in love and then horribly falling out of love with all 3 previous things for a very long time, and I still have much catching-up to do.

    I really like this record.

    Thanks for the review! Not done a ‘first-listen’ one myself for a bit and I forget how fun and silly they are 🙂

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