SECRET – Exclusive SEBADOH New EP, Album Art and Studio Pics!

Well, here it is. The artwork for the first EP and the first new music that Sebadoh has put out in 14 years – exclusively via BackstageRider, the sorta one-stop Sebadoh shop.  And guess what? It’s now available on BANDCAMP: SURPRISE!

Containing five songs, three by Lou Barlow (“Keep the Boy Alive”, “Arbitrary High” and “All Kinds”) and two (“My Drugs” and “I Don’t Mind”) by Jason Loewenstein, with drums by Bob D’Amico, the EP features tracks that won’t be on the album the band is planning to release next year. And Lou says that if you liked old Sebadoh – circa Bubble & Scrape era – you’ll like these. At least he hopes so.

Typically and reassuringly, the artwork – pics taken by Jason on his phone, at Lou’s recording space in Glendale – is lo-fi. Lou’s been boning up on his Photoshop skills and the writing on there is, of course, his as well. It is, after all, the most recognizable handwriting in indie rock.

The EP was recorded by Sebadoh, mixed by Sebadoh (well, by Jason, and Andrew Murdock pitched in on track #3. Mudrock previously worked with Lou on Goodnight Unknown), designed by Sebadoh and will be put up on Bandcamp by Sebadoh. It’s an appropriate DIY return, and the guys are kind of really excited about it. Not as excited as we are:

“It’s safe to say I’m gonna lose my shit with the new @RealSeBADoh stuff comes out” tweeted Tyler from Dallas, echoing the thoughts of a small army of us.

For now, the EP will be sold on tour (dates here), and via Bandcamp and it may make a physical return down the line. Oh and did I mention the songs are amazing? THEY ARE. Catchy, driving indie rock, the way we like and missed it.

And the pics? Musician, filmmaker and band friend Adam Harding was in the studio with the guys in February, while they were working on the full album and snagged me a few screenshots from the videos. LOOKIT!

It’s exciting times, friends, exciting times. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and smash my head on the punk rock. Buy the new EP now: \m/

Sebadoh Secret EP Front

Sebadoh Secret EP Back

Jason Loewenstein, Sebadoh


Lou Barlow & Bob D'Amico, Sebadoh

Jason Loewenstein & Lou Barlow, Sebadoh


Jason Loewenstein, Sebadoh

Lou Barlow & Bob D'Amico, Sebadoh

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