What’s on George Stroumboulopoulos’ Backstage Rider?

Immediate clarification for those of you not in the Great White North, who are thinking WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?: George Stromboulopoulous is a really, really, really, really, really awesome TV/radio host based outta Toronto.

Strombo” as he’s nicknamed, also goes by the nickname “Canada’s Boyfriend.” Why? Mums love him. Girls want to fuck him. Guys want to drink beer with him. He’s big into hockey (go HABS!), knows his music, loves heavy metal and rap music, is a UN World Food Program ambassador, and is astoundingly likeable. He’s no bullshit, a really smart interviewer and has pretty much reinvigorated the dialogue of talkshows. He knows his stuff, has an (informed, intelligent) opinion on everything, and can talk to anyone. I’m not sure he sleeps. And if it sounds like THIS girl wants to fuck him, you’d be wrong. But I have a serious crush on his hard work ethic, grey matter and universal appeal. Dude’s a dude. And I like that he’s on Canada’s uptight national TV network. Props, CBC.

ANNNNYWAY. I’ve met George before. He’s done rockhands for me, and he’s also nibbled on my head. So last week I found myself ¬†at a taping of his half-hour show, GS Tonight, (special guest ICE CUBE!) and after the show,hung out waiting to chat. We ended up in a five-minute long ramble (I sorta hogged him from the other folks waiting) about how there’s no really good, angry, means-something Canadian indie rock band out there that doesn’t (in his words) “start every song, with, like ‘Dear Diary’”. We also go into a disagreement about Broken Social Scene (he told me to “see it with my mind’s eye” and I responded: “Bah. Wanna go? Let’s step outside”) but agreed on how Sebadoh – and Maynard from Tool – were cool. It was a random, but awesome, conversation.

And I ended it by asking him to do this little ident…precisely as my iPhone died and I had to use my CrapBerry. So forgive the quality. Anyway, I dig this. I dig George. I dig you, too, so I’m sharing it. Rock on, George, and I’m with you on the wings and Advil. \m/

George Stroumboulopoulos and Mikala Taylor/BackstageRider

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