The Backstage Rider Gallery of Rock(hands) and YOU

THE BACKSTAGE RIDER WANTS, no, NEEDS YOU! Do you have fingers? Can you do the devil’s horns? Well, then, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BackstageRider wants to build the world’s largest collection of devil’s horns… and a girl’s gotta start somewhere. Famous people and rockers are in it. Now it needs YOU. Here’s how you get on the gallery and get all the glory (and one day, maybe even prizes – y’hear that, kind sponsors?!): Send a pic (through your phone or all proper-stylee), your name and your city to me via:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The pic has to be of you and/or your mates and not something you found elsewhere on the Interwebs. And I’d prefer to see faces. But hey. This is CUSTOM, people, and all these photos were taken (or sent to me) specifically for this gallery. Rock on! \m/

8 responses to “The Backstage Rider Gallery of Rock(hands) and YOU”

  1. So many good ones!! And a quite few hot guys too, but obviously that won’t interfere with my decision. It’s the horns not the guys 😉 Well besides myself in the mud ( I do cherish that one 😉 I managed to find another favorite!!! It was a tough decision, but for me the winner is………Dudes at Motley Crue!!! x

  2. Thanks for the add to your rockhands I love backstage Rider a. Nice to be under Michael Sheen! 😉

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