Got a problem? Ask Bob (from PAVEMENT) and Mike (DOUGHTY)!

Indie rock emergency? Hipster crisis? Relationship problem? General concern about a rash? Don’t know what to make for dinner?


(From, uh, Mike Doughty and, back in the day, that other band.)

Yes, a drunken idea to put an awesome musician in charge of your destiny morphed, this morning, via the BackstageRider Facebook page (see below) into some SERIOUS TAG-TEAM ACTION. So now my friends Bob and Mike BOTH want to help YOU with your concerns.

This is not the place to ask about whether they enjoyed touring with those dudes, or what sort of guitar picks/drum sticks they use.

This is the place to ask THEM BOTH something like:

“Hey Bob and Mike: recently, tons of ’90s bands have been touring again. Yet, I never saw Yo La Tengo or Superchunk or Sebadoh the first (100)  times around, but I’m going to see them now. I wanna blend in. What should I wear so that I don’t stick out like a sore thumb?

Get the gist? ONE QUESTION THAT BOTH OF THE GUYS WILL ANSWER. Get your questions in by April 15 and the best ones will be sent to this powerhouse duo of awesome to answer.

Here’s how:

Umm, do it. \m/

2 responses to “Got a problem? Ask Bob (from PAVEMENT) and Mike (DOUGHTY)!”

  1. Bob & Mike – my mom wouldn’t let me see Joe Strummer live around 1996 because I was 13 at the time and she didn’t want me out on a school night. He died and I never got to see him. My question is… is my mom a horrible person?

  2. Hey Bob & Mike. Do you guys particularly love any female bands or bands with female members? And Bob, have you ever met Mark E. Smith in person? If yes, how was it (I know you guys played at Primavera Sound in Barcelona with a couple of hours inbetween)? Say hi to Stephen from me… I have no shame in being a fangirl when it comes to that fox.

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