Be Our Dirty Valentine? Apnea’s NSFW Top 11: Songs That Make A Model Feel Sexy

Apnea, photos courtesy of Apneatic.comWe here at BackstageRider Central would rather be subjected to copious Bieber than do something cheesy around The Commercial Exploitation of Romance Day.

No, instead, let’s focus on what Valentine’s Day should really be about: dressin’ up, lookin’ sexy and trying to get laid. See? The concept works with or without partner.

So who better to know about all things insanely sexy than former Suicide Girl, alt-porn/fetish/soft-core film model beauty Apnea (aka Amanda Pemberton)?

Besides being in dozens of amazingly styled photo shoots, dirty babydoll Apnea will be starring in (fiance) Chase Lisbon‘s new sexy (and I do mean sexy) movie, “We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders”. She and I have chatted a few times late at night on Twitter (she once invited me to come hang with them one Friday night…though we realized it’d be a 30 hour drive, I was tempted 😉 and the doe-eyed, tattooed lovely knows how to get things nice and frothy.Apnea, photos courtesy of

So, Apnea – fan of black metal, indie, punk, hip-hop and altrock, what 11 songs do you dig? And we mean, REEEEALLY dig…like in that sexy diggy way.  On this, February 14th, what songs make you feel sexy and why?

1. “Sugarwalls” – Aspera – “This song makes me want to cover myself in honey and have sex slaves lick it all off of me”

2. “Kiss Like Lizards” – Icarus Line – “SEXY”

3. “Small Town” – Among Wolves – “Reminds me of the intimacy of living in isolation”

4. “In My Direction” – Lux Perpetua – “It’s fun to cry while I’m jerking off sometimes.”

5. N64 Bowser’s Castle – Soundtrack to Super Mario Kart – “I like thinking about Daisy on her road bike bouncing up and down on the ramps and getting glimpses of her ass on a dangerous molten hot lava castle go-kar track”

Apnea, photos courtesy of Apneatic.com6. “Hey Buddy” – Thee Oh Sees – “Sometimes a girl needs some romance thrown into the mix”

7. “Hitherto” – Expo 70 – “Words get in the way. Let’s focus at the task at hand.”

8. “Mount Doom” – Urak-Hai – “Does the feeling of ethereal darkness and doom make you feel hot and bothered? Me too.”
Apnea, photos courtesy of

9.”Killshot” – Ben Frost – “The goth streak in me isn’t completely dead yet. Us ladies of the night can get caraaaazy.”

10. “Bergtaf” – Vinterriket –  “Sometimes I need to listen to isolated snowy mountain European black metal music to reach a happy ending, in fact there’s a video of me doing so to this song on my website

11. “Power” – Kanye West – “This song reminds me of that sexy bird lady from his Runaway movie convulsing on his lounge, and I’d like to make sex with her if she lost the wings.”

Umm, so, yeah. Hot. Happy Valentine’s Day, kids. I’m off for a bit of romancin’. \m/

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