The View From The Road I: SEBADOH – San Francisco

Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,

So, I went down to San Frandisco to see SeBADoh, because a) they were/are one of the most iconic indie-rock bands of all time, even though people seem to have forgotten that b) they’re my friends and c) wouldn’t you wanna hang with a cool band in several cool cities? Uh, fuck yeah.

Whilst in SF, I strolled in the Haight, partied in the Castro, drank at Lucky 13 and stayed at the city’s coolest rock and roll motel. I had some guy in the Tenderloin ask if he could “lay his head on my pillows”, saw dudes arguing almost to the point of fist fights over a CHESS GAME and was serenaded (“My Girl”, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”) by an old guy called Roscoe who had no teeth but aspirations to play the Great American Music Hall.

But Sebadoh?

New ‘Doh is ¬†Bob D’Amico on drums , Jason Loewenstein and Lou Barlow. Despite their apologies and reminders that this Great American Music Hall show was only gig two for ’em, it was surprisingly tight. A few false starts, but smiles, jokes,random digs at the San Fran-L.A. divide, Lou bouncing around like the bass/guitar god he actually is, and so much amazing Bakesale and Harmacy goodness. They even threw in a really meaty and muscular version of Bubble and Scrape‘s Forced Love, which had me in puddles.

Off the top of my head (and for you beancounters), the rest of the set list contained On Fire, Rebound, License to Confuse, Magnet’s Coil, Not Too Amused, Careful, Drama Mine, Sixteen, Nothing Like You, Crystal Gyspy, New Worship, Shit Soup, Brand New Love, Beauty of the Ride, Ocean, Not a Friend…and fuckloads more.

And Bob? Amazing monster of a drummer. Gets the soft spots, and hammers the hard ones. My words to him after the show: “I like you. You can stay. You’re actually a drummer. Not like the other Bob.” Bob: “Apples and oranges, my friend, apples and oranges.”

So we ended up hangin’ with a few friends backstage -drinking the rider. One of Lou’s sister’s highschool buddies turned up, (Lou graduated the same year as her brother and she described him as an “asshole”) as did an old mate of Jason’s. The staff took care of us, the room was brilliant, and the crowd rapt. Then we all headed back to the rock motel, ate chips, heard about Lou’s love for the film Apocalypto and learned about Bob’s idea for a coffee-cup-product-based invention.

In other words, just another (absolutely blinding) night in the life. You like Sebadoh? Yeah, this is the tour you should see. Tonight¬†Sebadoh in are Portland. And I’ll be there, too. For a full list of dates and info, go to the migraine-inducing redness of\m/

Lou Barlow, Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,

Jason Loewenstein, Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,

Sebadoh in the mirror, photo by Mikala Taylor,

Jason Loewenstein, Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,

Lou Barlow, Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,

Jason, Sebadoh, photo by Mikala Taylor,


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