The Brandon Flowers/Fran Healy Gallery – What’s the Story Mormon Glory?

The BackstageRider can’t be in all places at once.

But she woulda been at the Brandon Flowers/Fran Healy gig in Vancouver if she coulda and dinnae have another gig t’same night. And even though she only likes the first Killers album and thinks that Travis’ Fran rhymes his song lyrics too much (Lookin’ at you “Driftwood” with your stone/home/roam/return/burn/go/low/grow/flow/snow), she still has a healthy respect for the Vegas crooner and the Scottish scruff.

So when Peter Leung offered to take pics so that her readers wouldn’t suffer from the fact that she opted instead for Dean Wareham playing Galaxie 500, she was all sorts of “Yeah, why not?”

Okay, enough with third-person voice. Switching to second- (with bonus first!) person. Here’s our gallery of Brandon and Fran, taken live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on November 15. For a really good (I even said so in the comments section!) actual review of the show, check out Adrian Mack’s in the Georgia Straight. And to Peter, thanks for being a drooling fanatic in my absence. \m/

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