WIN a copy of “Rain Down My Favorite Songs” – Jónsi & Alex’s (Bonkers) Music Picks

Jonsi & Alex Rain Down My Favorite SongsI have a raging crush on the sheer talent of Iceland’s Jónsi.

Live, he is truly remarkable. On record, his voice is unparalleled. In Sigur Rós, he is wonderful. And with his boyfriend Alex Somers they made Riceboy Sleeps – an an album even more ethereal than Sigur Rós. Yeah.

So what goes on inside the heads of these two Reykjavik-based edgy artfolk?

Now you can find out. We’ve got 10 copies to give away of Rain Down My Favorite Songs – a mellow and scratchy sort of All Back to Mine collection of Jónsi and Alex’s, err, favourite songs. 

But don’t expect experimental ambient or to hear Jónsi’s voice, they’ve just picked the tracks they like here. And there isn’t much of anything from this decade. Or last. Or the one before. Or the one before…

….BUT THERE IS LOTS OF FASCINATING stuff that was likely first played on your grandmother’s parlophone. And the CD has all the crackles too.  It’s quite lovely will go wonderfully well with a Sunday or a hangover or a pipe.

And in the meantime, be sure to check out this awesome posting on NPR with videos and interviews about  Jónsi’s current (and exhaustive) tour for “Go”.


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  1. I dig them! I dig them!! That tour kick-off show we saw in Van was transcendent.

    Also his recipe book on his site is really cool…have you checked it?

  2. Looks like some great choices there! Hepburn really does the best “Moon River” and Django Reinhart is amazing (speaking of Django, if you haven’t seen Woody Allen’s “Sweet and Lowdown”, you really must!)

  3. More than anything, the emotion that he manages to instill into every one of his songs is what I am most attracted to. The fact that this comes across so strongly, despite a total lack of understandable lyrics in many cases, is quite remarkable. I saw Sigur Ros perform at Coachella a few years back, and by the end of the show, I realized that my faced was drenched in tears, without me even being aware of it…that’s some powerful stuff.

  4. They are magical vegan inspirations, their music is otherworldly astounding and the artwork they produce is so beautiful and lush.

  5. Caught these folks live last week. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve been to. Now, if only it had been a better venue . . . And, if only NPR would hurry up and stream last night’s Los Angeles show . . .

  6. Listening to Jonsi is like listening to life if life had a distinct sound. It’s uplifting and I feel live when I hear his voice. It’s like magic. I love the fact he and Alex are raw vegans too. I’m so excited to be seeing his concert Saturday. It’s going to be the best night of my life; I just know it.

  7. Way too fucking nice! I love Iceland, I love Sigur Ros and I love them both! Thanks for all these great moment listening to all their music!

  8. I hearth Jonsi, I met him earlier this year and he was so lovely, he really has a beautiful soul. Went to Reykjavik and listened to Riceboy Sleeps in the harbour and watched the sun “set” or rather move around the horizon. It was epic. I used to sit in my flat and blow bubbles listening to Jonsi and Alex and the Sigur Ros family when my boyfriend moved out and I was feeling a bit lost. Now i am super happy and Go makes me smile! Jonsi = ace face smiles fantasticah! that’s what i dig!

  9. This looks like a perfect compilation of songs for a rainy day… something we get a lot of here on the West Coast of Canada. 🙂

  10. I love how their music transplants you to another world! The first time I listened to sigur ros, then jonsi, I thought I was a part of the lord of the rings! Jonsi’s Go Do felt like an Eco warriors anthem, proclaiming the reasons to love the planet we live on! Their collaboration is perfect for lying in the bath with a glass of wine and whatever addition you may add! I’d love to listen to the music that they listen to lying in the bath!

  11. I never knew what love was until I discovered Sigur Rós, and 12 years later I discover it all over again through Jónsi’s side projects.
    I will never, ever forget the first time that I heard them – where I was and the people who I was with. They continue to be the backdrop to every smile, every laugh, every tear, and every memory.
    Seeing Jónsi’s live show was simply incredible and he never fails to amaze me. You can’t even begin to describe his (and their) sound with words because words simply wouldn’t do it justice.

    I hope it’s what eternity sounds like…

  12. Jonsi’s music is indescribable really…it transports me to another place. and simultaneously makes me feel even more alive. I saw him in nyc back in may and I can’t wait to see him again next month!

  13. Riceboy Sleeps is one of my favorite albums. It is great to meditate with. With each listen I discover more sounds and nuances I never heard. That is what makes for a great album–it’s always fresh.

  14. What I dig about them…
    It’s just like asking what I dig about oxygen.

    I could start talking about the extremely deep values they taught me since I started listening to their music – Jónsi, Alex and anything coming from their world. There’s something their artistic production never fails to convey. Honesty. Tenderness. Sweetness. Gentleness. Attention to the smallest detail. Or, more simply, not having to be a mould-breaker to do something beautiful. I think they even managed to taught me something about what love – pure, unconditioned love – is.

    But these considerations would take too much reason, and I have serious issues with being rational when it’s about them. I swear, among the multitude of artists I listen to and I have seen live, they’re the only ones that I venture to consider something beyond the conventional meaning of the word “music”. They are art. I don’t mean their music, I mean them as people.

    They’re ink. Ink writing down emotions on the paper sheet of my heart. From the most common – love, sadness, rage, delusion – to those feelings I often fail not only to put into words, but even more often to recognise, too: feeling pathos in front of a different landscape, feeling comfortable with myself while drinking tea at home, being in the right place at the right time, feeling my stomach trembling at the sound of someone’s voice, eating my favourite food, waking up with the light of day instead of hearing my alarm, walking alone under the rain, feeling like jumping in puddles no matter what people think, not being able to think about future, feeling uncomfortable with myself, having something weighing on my chest, trusting the impossible, fearing change, fearing time, fearing death coming. They somehow manage to spread all of these bits in the air so that they get to you, as they are, as they were born, hat in hand, unpretentiously.

    I really hope they’re able to notice what they give to their fans around the world, wherever they are right now. Because it’s so much wonder, so much breath taken away, so much reflecting in a mirror made of sound and colours. They deserve to be aware of it.


    * not a native speaker, so please forgive me if you bump into some mistakes 🙂

  15. So I already have some of these tracks but it will only improve my collection! Listening to Go or Riceboy Sleeps is a reality altering experience. Just when one has given up on the music industry along come these guys. They have restored my faith and prove that there continues to be an amazing, talented and creative group of people still out there producing stunning works of art. Or as my daughter put it ” Listening to Jonsi is like having fairies singing in your ears”. Pure magic!

  16. I have been a U2 fan for a long time, until i was introduced to Jonsi’s music by my son and his girlfriend,….. Wow……
    I now live and breath Jonsis music!!!!!!
    Jonsi is an Angel whose music wraps around my heart and tugs at all of my heartstrings!
    Thank You Jonsi and Alex!!

  17. I love Jonsi live. The interplay between music and visuals on the Go tour is amazing. I can’t remember a concert like it before — it wasn’t about any particular band member, or the music, or the lights; it was about all of them combined into an experience. Grow Til Tall became an epic experience that almost rivals Popplagið as “awesomest way to end a show”

  18. I`m lucky enough to had experience 3 live solo shows by Jónsi (with Alex in his band) this year… their work together is amazing, the music and the visuals… takk/bless!

  19. I love Jónsi & Alex!!!! Seeing them together on stage during the Go tour was sooo sweet : ) I wish to see them as Riceboy Sleeps one day! They are true artists.

  20. Jónsi’s clever songwriting and vocal use has made him, Sigur Rós and all his projects the highlight of my past few years. Would live to hear songs that inspire the man behind the soundtrack to my life.

  21. Silence… no. A little more. The cold gust making it’s way through the autumn leaves. Beauty, Energy. Morning is rising with grace and my ears are melting now with Happiness in background.
    The moment is now.
    The purity is mine.
    I am free.

  22. J&A give me a feeling of total freedom and happiness. When I listen to anything that Jónsi and Alex do (yay Parachutes!), I can just smile and fall back into my own head, enjoying the moment. It sounds silly to read written out, but they help me find a kind of peace. They also introduced me to raw foods, so they made me healthier, too! Þakka ykkur fyrir!

  23. What I dig about Jonsi… is that every time I’ve seen him perform (twice with Sigur Ros, once this year on the Go tour) and most of the time when I listen to his music on my own, I am completely transported. It’s not often that one can totally forget one’s surroundings (crappy concert venue or office cubicle), shut down the constant “blah blah blah” of one’s internal thoughtstream, instantly drop all the cares of the day, and achieve a state of playful yet serious yet transcendent “now-ness”. But it happens for me with Jonsi’s music, and that’s what I dig.

  24. can’t wait to see you sometime in Greece…Love your music!
    (the artwork is amazing once more!)

  25. Jónsi is certainly one of the most talented individuals of today. Not only does he make radiantly colourful music on his own that can instill any emotion, he also creates magical tunes with Sigur Rós and beautiful visual images with Alex. Seeing him live this year was like being in a whirlwind of emotion…you want to cry and dance and laugh and smile all at the same time. I love his unique style, and how it’s barely changed over the last decade (his trademark hair cut and clothes). He’s not afraid to be himself, as seen through his tour outfits and performance. Outside of music, he also stands as an inspiration for the gay community across the world (along with Alex). Jónsi and SR have brought so much recognition to the Iceland music scene as well, and I can certainly dig that.

  26. I love that they make music for any occasion, and I love walking around the city with my headphones on listening to it and being transported away to somewhere utterly ethereal and magical.

    I love that they manage to capture an essence of Iceland so well in audio format. I love that seeing both Sigur Ros and Jönsi live is such a heart-warming experience, they make you feel special. I’m glad they make the music they do, long may it continue.

  27. Whenever i listen to jonsi, be it sigur ros, riceboy sleeps or his sole project – go. its like the soundtrack to my life. His music covers every emotion, and is so rich in sound you cant help but loose yourself in it. – Watching Go live in Manchester gave me face ache from smiling so hard.
    thank you Jonsi/alex/sigur ros

  28. What is NOT to dig about J & A ? They are just fabulous and love their music! But really, I don’t know how to say what I feel when I listen to their music or see them play live, so I won’t…

  29. Been listening to Jónsi and his music projects for over ten years now. Still manages to stretch, to find new things, to explore new places, without compromise. Plus, no other artist’s song titles let me use as many special characters when ripping CDs to my computer, and I love seeing that.

  30. I just love Jonsi AND Alex.
    Musically, Jonsi provides a wide array of emotions from ethereal soundscapes to fast paced summer anthems.
    I also digg Jonsi and Alex’s life style choices. Their raw vegan ‘food show’ has provided entertainment for me and many of my friends.
    In his band parachutes, Alex showed that Jonsi isn’t the only one with heart warming aesthetics.
    Last but not least, Jonsi and Alex make me feel like it’s ok to be gay.
    They have been an inspiration I truly needed in my life.
    Thanks for the music and love guys!

  31. The music just has the ability to transport you to places you know exist but can’t be found, it’s magical. You hear the notes and they just create these rich and amazing landscapes, scenes within your mind form and you just float in the moment.

  32. Jonsi and Alex have inspired the magic that has taken place in our lives over the course of the last year. From manifesting each other, to the music we now create for others, they have been the heart beating in our earphones, and the reason we do what we do.

    We will be seeing Jonsi and Alex live in New York, November 15th, which is very exciting for us as we hope to reach our goal of performing at Icelandic Airwaves in 2012.

    Jonsi and Alex remind fairies everywhere that love is the secret to magical music.

  33. Absolutely love them – music takes me away. thanks for all the updates, love seeing what’s going on! Keeps my itouch up-to-date!

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