SeBADoh Bakesale Reissue + Tour Dates (Sort Of)

Sebadoh, 1994, photo


The best indie rock band in the world, SeBADoh, is hitting the trail in early 2011 to support the reissue of one of the best indie rock albums in the world, Bakesale.

Friend to the Backstagerider, Lou Barlow confirmed today that the reissue of the band’s classic
Sebadoh Bakesale1994 album will be out in very early 2011 on Domino Records, followed by a 2+ week-tour of West Coast US and Canada in February, with a similar East Coast chunk planned for mid-March. European gigs will follow after that. Original SeBADoh’ers Barlow and Jason Loewenstein will be joined by Fiery Furnaces‘ Bob D’Amico on drums.

Oh and further? The Harmacy reissue will be out next summer, too.

Do you hear that ungodly noise?  That’s me screaming with excitement. You should be, too.

ps, The photo? I took it on September 21, 1994. That’s Bob Fay, Lou and Jason Loewenstein at radio station CFNY (now called The Edge) in Toronto. They were, according to Lou, all high at the time.

pps, UPDATE: NOVEMBER 19 – I’ve just seen the mock up artwork for Bakesale, and aside from the fact that 5 of MY photos are gonna be in it (including the one above!), I can verify that there’s a full 25 extra songs on the album and lots of great memories, photos and CD single covers. It’s gonna be great, kids! 😀

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Oct 2, 2010
6:58 pm
#1 carlos :

Yeah i cant wait for this:)

Nov 18, 2010
10:46 pm
#2 JaKE rock :

not “High at the time”, “High ALL the time”
It wasnt a special occasion.
Lets rock!

Author Nov 19, 2010
10:53 am
#3 Mikala :

Jason, cannot wait to rock. Rocking is what I do best. The tour is gonna be about 18 shades of awesome, and I’m gonna be all over you guys up and down the West Coast like a rash. LOOBIECORE AND JAKEROCK!

Jan 21, 2011
4:33 pm
#4 Patrick :

What about Eric?!?

Author Jan 21, 2011
5:04 pm
#5 Mikala :

Eric doesn’t play on these two albums and isn’t a great fan of touring anyway. Though he does wear nice shoes. And it’ll be awesome 🙂

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