Celebrating Movember with the Eagles of Death Metal

It’s Mo-Vember. So here is my ode to one of rock’s current Best ‘Tache.

The Eagles of Death Metal rock. They’re simple, uncomplicated, cliched, trashy fun. They just (does the double-hand devil signs) RAWK.

I’ve seen them a couple of times, and they’re genius.

Boots Electric

In November 2008, I did a mental interview with Jesse “The Devil/Boots Electric” Hughes, who talks a fair bit of shit and awesome. In a really entertaining way. He’s tattooed and has a mustache. And not just for Movember.

Watch the video above for a PERSONAL MESSAGE to you.

When I asked for my own EoDM nickname, he started out with “Red Genius” (cos of my reddish hair) but said it wasn’t sexy enough and he had to think on it. And like the clearly blind person he is, he proclaimed me “smokin’ hot” and gave me an all-access pass so I could hang out with the band. Who am I to argue? I never got my proper EoDM nickname, though I did remind @JesseEODM of this fact on Twitter once and he replied that I’m now “Sexy Red Genius”, so I’ll take it.

Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes, Eagles of Death Metal (MikalaT photo)
Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes, Eagles of Death Metal (MikalaT photo)

After shooting photos in the pit for a few songs, I partied on the side of the stage with various hangers-on and UK openers The Duke Spirit (who are absolutely brilliant and sweet and have a hot girl singer). The party side-stage was (sexy, red) genius. First time I’ve faced the Commodore Ballroom crowd from behind the stage and it’s a bit intoxicating. You get the idea of what it’s like to get up in front of swooning masses.

After Show with the Eagles

Backstage was hilarious. Boots had disappeared to do yoga. (Not really, I imagine he was entertaining a private party in the bus). The backstage was rammed full of belts-for-dresses, big-haired (they still do that?) mismatching-lipliner-with-lipstick groupies, and really young pie-eyed girls. The halls were heaving. Huh? The guys are not exactly spring chickens. But I get it. It’s why loners and bad boys the world over become musicians. …for the glory of sleeping in a van next to a smelly drummer.

But EODM are gracious and supernice. Awesome guitarist Darlin’ Dave Catching fetched me a beer, made sure everyone was happy. The Arctic Monkeys have called the guy a “legend” before, and it’s easy to see why. He is the Mayor of Nicetown.

So I drank the hops, chatted more with the Dukes, laughed at the baby groupies (would it have been too patronizing to pat them on the head?) and admired the insanely amazing arms of Queens of the Stone Age’s drummer Joey Castillo. This is a man whose biceps are actually more like turkeys strapped on below the shoulders. But anyway. A good time was had by all. Had a long conversation with a hot, 20 year old girl who wanted to start her own music magazine. She told me that she hated that all the bands she’d met when she was backstage just naturally assumed she was a groupie. But she wasn’t interested in that much, she just wanted to hang out with the musicians who entertained her. She reminded me of someone I know, so I spent a bit of time sharing my philosophy. I wonder what she’s done with that.

EODM Views, Reviews, Interviews

Boots had some pretty funny comments about growing up with Josh Homme of The Queens of the Stone Age, in my Eagles of Death Metal interview , so have a read. And if you fancy a good night out, have a peek at what EODM are like in the video above. Or check my live reviews: EODM Live in Vancouver November 2 or this year in July.

Happy Mo’Vember, EODM, and to all of you who are shavin’ and growin’ for a good cause. Learn more here: www.movember.com \m/

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