Check this out: more BACKSTAGE RIDER Art! Meet Marcus Collar

Twitter’s cool. While others spend time kvetching about the nastiness of the place (and it is indeed filled with slime-covered trolls, and knee-jerk outrage, but yunno, you just gotta block, unfollow, choose your peoples wisely), I continue to meet remarkable folk. There’s life on Twitter and you can’t be it for ART, either.

In addition to the incredible musicians, writers and artists I’ve met and become friends with on Twitter, I’ve gained a lot of fans and friends over the years through my association with the guys in Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr, particularly. And despite the fact that I haven’t worked with them in years – though continue to see ’em – I still get tweets and comments from Dinodoh fans all the time. It’s awesome. They’re good people.

Case in point.

On March 25 I got a random tweet, in reply to some throwback image or comment I’d posted, from a chap in Napa, California named Marcus Collar. He’s got a Patreon for his comics here. But you can also hit him up for bespoke commissions. You might want to do that, Marcus’ stuff is great.

He posted me this incredible drawing of Sebadoh:

I love it. Don’t you?

Marcus has met Sebadoh a couple of times before and gave Lou some comics he’d drawn with this son. “[Lou’s] fucking amazing,” says Marcus. And Jason is funny as fuck, I have chatted with him a few times. I admire him very much and their music is my life!” Hard to argue with a guy who also cites Sonic Youth, Pavement, Steve Malkmus, Weezer, Beck and Frank Black among his other inspirations.

I sent the drawing on to Lou. Because I believe when someone takes the time to make art that is inspired by your art, it’s a massive thing. HUGELY touching, really. And I’ve been humbled a few times when it’s happened to me: I’ve received BSR-inspired art by Wales-born, London-based Pete Fowler, Vancouver’s Atomos’, Westfield, Mass’ member of Deep Wound/Frenchy & The Punk Scott Helland. I’ve had my rockhand made into chocolate by Mink, and turned into Lego by Seattle-based toy photographer Shelly Corbett. I mean, come ON. How cool? Art is a gift of TIME. And we don’t much of that, these days.

But even when I joked to Marcus that I should be turned into a cartoon, I was not expecting this:

Frankly, I’m blown away that anyone took the time to do this. So, thank you, Marcus. Your art is awesome, and you are doubly so for spending time doing this. Give his stuff a peep, and check out his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

Have you ever created any art inspired by your favourite bands? Send me a link in the comments! \m/

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