In Photos: The DANDY WARHOLS bring Distortland to Vancouver

Dandy Warhols ventured only a wee bit for the kick off of their pre-holiday tour, to play Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom on December 6. Kick-offs, as we all know, can either be electric with the energy of a band pent-up and ready to rock, or glitchy and full of tiny moth holes. The Dandy’s first show to support for their latest platter, Distortland, was, sadly made much of the latter, and Courtney Taylor-Taylor said as much.

Mumbling apologies and asking for patience while the band sorted through its songs, Taylor still slunk sexy-like through “Get Off”, “Godless”, “Bohemian Like You”, “Not if You Were The Last Junkie on Earth”, “Pope Reverend Jim,” and the rest of it, while Zia McCabe smiled wide, and shook her mean tambourine, with Brent DeBoer, drumming front stage, and Peter Holmström, holding together the loose ends. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst, it was way more chill than I think many of us needed on a cold Tuesday. But it was in good humour. And it was a kick-off, pure and simple. Someone’s got to get them. \m/

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