Photos: HIGH CONTRAST at Celebrities, September 10

Having just woken up from a nap that slumbered into overtime taking him to, errr, 12;20am, just 10 minutes before he was meant to be spinning down the street at Celebrities nightclub, the lovely Lincoln Barrett made it the church (this is where I heal my hurt) on time to start his late night set. Mashing up drum n’ bass goodness including remixes of the Chemical Brothers’ “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and Robin S’ classic “Show Me Love” alongside his own choons “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “If We Ever” among a bazillion more, the affable High Contrast had the Wednesday crowd dancing, spinning, grinning, gurning, high-fiving and taking pics of the DJ (which he graciously would pose for mid-mix) well into the night. Here are a few shots, enjoy!

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