Top 11 Things You Should Know About: BESTIE

Here’s how it goes on the Wet Coast: normally in Vancouver it rains until about July. But not this year, this spring we’ve had some sunshine as delicious as hot sauce in a bowl of pho and sweet as tropical fruits. And we’ve also had BESTIE.

You need to know about Bestie, bb. They’re a four-piece from VanCity, they play ridiculously happifying music, their singer, Tristan Orchard, is also a DJ and promoter – one of the city’s best, in fact. They also like edibles, yo. Check out their stoopidly fun video “Pineapple” and throw an eyeball or two on the live version of “Sriracha.” I mean, how can you not like a band that sings about the red cock rooster?

Check out the videos and hear more over at Bestie on Soundcloud, and here is:

The Top 11 Things You Need To Know About Bestie

by Bestie’s Robert Cameron:

11) Believe it or not, none of us really eat that much pineapple
10) We have an insanely large and eclectic range of musical influences between the four of us. Which means a lot to draw from.
9) There is a new sausage and beer restaurant that opened in Vancouver that is also called Bestie. We are not affiliated, but we LOVE beer and sausage.
8) Dancing to Bestie will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.
7) When Andrew plays guitar, you could swear that he has 6 fingers…he doesn’t. We all have 5 fingers on each hand.
6) Our favourite ice cream flavour is Tiger’s Tail but we will settle for Mint Chocolate Chip.
5) We all secretly want to be astronauts. This hasn’t been discussed, but I assume it to be true because space is the coolest.
4) We are super nice dudes. The type that will rub your back when you’re feeling down and make you a pot of tea.
3) We are more serious and mature than you think.
2) Just kidding, no we’re not.

1) Music is our soul and heart and we love it like family. It has a huge place in all our lives, in so many ways. It is the reason we do what we do.\m/

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