On the set (and in the video) of “Hot Dog High” with NARDWUAR AND THE EVAPORATORS!

Yeah, so recently, I ended up in an Evaporators video. Lookin’ stupid and goofin’ off next to a bunch of very nice, but manic children. I never knew such a thing could be on my bucket list, but so it became, and BAM! That box is now ticked.

You may know the lead of the Evaporators as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s own treasure Nardwuar The Human Serviette, a journalist/character so profoundly awesome that Snoop Dogg loves him, Pharell Williams just gave him a weekly show for his own new YouTube Channel “I am OTHER” and indie rockers and rappers clamor to be interviewed by the man in the tam o’shanter.

Hell, Nardwuar was recently EVEN PROFILED IN GQ MAGAZINE.

Anyway. Nardwuar and his punkpop band the Evaporators needed to make a video for their song “Hot Dog High”. The Evaporators recently released an ace compilation album called “Busy Doing Nothing” featuring collabs with The Cribs, Franz Ferdinand, Kate Nash, Andrew W.K. and more.

For “Hot Dog High”, a philosophical ode to lips n’ buttholes encased in a sheath, Nardwuar enlisted a bunch of us – kids and oldies alike – to dance around, act silly, eat hot dogs (they went cold, blechhhh) and make with the fun. So we did! On a Saturday night in late May, we rocked up at the LEGENDARY diner in North Vancouver, the Tomahawk Barbecue.

Now, the Tomahawk is legendary because Bryan Adams once worked there, they do enormous burgers AND you can get a “Mixed Grill”, which originated – Nardwuar explained – from the fact that a hungry trucker once came in and asked for “everything the cook had on the grill”. It’s got eggs, toast, hamburger, hot dog, onions, mushrooms, and more. Nardwuar has also done interviews at the ‘Hawk over the years. Here he is with my matey Lou Barlow and the New Folk Implosion.

Anyway, in we came, and grabbed a seat and a milkshake at the bar – knowing little about the fact that our spot would then ensure that we were REALLY IN THE VIDEO. My milkshake really does bring all the boys to the yard! (Vancouver locals with eagle-eyes may also spot in the video The Georgia Straight’s Mike Usinger and Rebecca Blissett, who’s throwing the rockhands in a pic below.)

Everyone wants to go to Hot Dog High! Yep, they certainly do. And we did. Check out the video and pics from the shoot below. You can see me at about 0:19, 1:22 and 1:38ish. I do not suit paper hats. And here’s a little secret: you can’t see it in the vid itself,  but I was one of the only three people who launched Nard into the crowd. SCORE.


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