Bethany, Best Coast, pic by Mikala Taylor/

On May 23rd, The Biltmore Cabaret overflowethed with more PBR-swilling, thick-rimmed-glasses-/toque-/skinny-jeans/flannel-print-wearing hipsters than the opening of every episode of Portlandia. Such is the appeal of the return of Bethany Cosentino, aka Best Coast, and her brand of uncomplicated jangly alt-pop.

Boys and girls sang along to the sunshiney jams, and bopped their heads happily to the set split between Crazy For You and new one The Only Place. Meanwhile, one slightly over-exuberant girl (“I’m normally a grindcore fan, but BEST COAST IS MY BAND!”) punched the air repeatedly, photo-bombing pretty much every pic that every blogger was trying to nail. Fun times!

Opening for Besty Coasty were local hardcore band Nü Sensae and my Portland pals in trippy indie trio Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Fronted by New Zealander Ruban Neilson (who demonstrated his ability to SHRED), and backed by bassist Jake Portrait and radtacular new drummer Gregory Rogove (formerly of the Devendra Clan-hart), UMO played through their rollicking 60s psych-pop debut and even threw in a new track. Portrait says the band has a new album written and are trying to decide among the labels that are courting them. Stay chooned, friends…

…and poprock on. Here are the pics. \m/

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