Got a problem? ASK JON WURSTER from Superchunk/The Mountain Goats!

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He’s a drummer in two rad bands! But he’s played with a million others! He likes naps! He hates some words and suffers from WordHate™! He’s the non-Tom Scharpling half of the guffaw-worthy twosome, Scharpling and Wurster! He co-hosts THE BEST SHOW on WMFU! He’s awesome, makes you laugh and makes me laugh.
Jon Wurster, pic by John Wurster

And right now, Jon Wurster wants/is tolerating the request I put in to solve your problems!

Like Mike Doughty and Bob Nastanovich from Pavement before him, Jon Wurster is willing to take your questions and answer them in more than the 140 characters he normally sticks with on Twitter. So you know what that means?

Have a hipster emergency? Need to know how to act when someone references an album you don’t know? Want to know what to do about a weird neighbour? Something amiss in your previously groovy relationship? Need some suggestions about how to improve your life? Just wanna ask him a nerdy music thing?


You’ve got one week to get your questions in. You may do so via the following ways:

You have until May 18 to get yer questions in. I’ll collate the best ones, send to Jon and post the answers afterwards. STAY TUNED!

Bringing you fine advice columnists since last year, I am, the BackstageRider. You’re welcome! \m/

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May 12, 2012
10:43 am

Have you ever thought of parlaying your minor celebrity into the pasta sauce business? To hell with Paul Newman, I’d much prefer some superchunky Wurster Sauce!

May 14, 2012
12:13 pm
#2 Jessie Mc :

I know you are the drummer, but do you play guitar? And if so, my nerdy music thing question is can you suggest to me a decent lo-fi sound pedal that is relatively inexpensive? Or any pedal for the matter.

May 16, 2012
11:06 am
#3 nina :

how would an 18 year old girl with devilishly good looks and incredible talents in all the arts go about getting her own show and or intern at wfmu?

May 18, 2012
9:39 am
#4 Lars U. :

Why do the drummers in all the hipster bands not have a rack tom?

May 18, 2012
9:41 am
#5 Russell Gragg :

A recent photo of Mac (on this website no less) makes him look eerily like a young Brian Mulroney, the 18th Prime Minister of Canada.

Based on that, which Canadian head of state, living or dead, would you most like to jam with?

May 18, 2012
9:58 am
#6 sara dwayne :


May 18, 2012
10:21 am
#7 Dan :

What do you think about those motorcycles with the 2 wheels on the front and 1 wheel on the back?

Are they the vehicle equivalent of a fanny pack?

May 18, 2012
5:50 pm
#8 Pete :

Have you ever used Simmons pads, and if so, how long was it before you realized you needed a whole drum kit of them (a la Bill Bruford)?

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