JUSTICE – PHOTO GALLERY including a big cross!

Justice, PNE, photo by Ash Tanasiychuk

Was supposed to be at Justice. Wasn’t supposed to be riddled with the Black Death on the sofa. What kind of glow-stick-waving-youth-of-today begs out of a mega-dance show in Vancouver’s shittiest tin-can hangar so she can try to get over Germ Warfare Version 1,867 (this year)?

Nevermind. The BSR wants to bring you JUSTICE, AND SO WE SHALL BRING YOU JUSTICE via the lens of the magical photo-snapper Ashley Tanasiychuk (Format No Auto).

So how was it? I imagine it was bloody mental. Today, citing “irreperable damange” to his hearing, Mike Usinger at the Georgia Straight‘s assessment was thus: “Do you know why the floor of the PNE Forum is a hot and sticky mess right now? If you guessed the sweat of the heaving dance floor, that’s partly right. It’s mostly though because Justice just melted the fucking brains of everyone in the place with a devastating ‘Phantom.’”

But not everyone was melted. Some were GLOWING. A tweet from Trevor at promoters’ Timbre Concerts err, highlighted this fact: “Someone send me a pic of the dude in the glow-in-the-dark fur coat. Some raver minks died for that to be so awesome.” (He went one better, here, by offering video. I can’t believe I missed THAT FUR COAT!).

Sounds fun, and deafening, Justice. But not as fun as being at home sick watching the 100th episode of Futurama. Yeah. Right. \m/

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