Gushing all over BEAR IN HEAVEN – Photos/Review

Jon, Bear in Heaven, pic by Mikala Taylor/backstagerider.comYou know that feeling you get when you’re at a gig and it’s not totally full so there’s space to dance and while the crowd isn’t the most engaged you’ve ever seen, there’s still a ton of warm in the room?

And where those sparks are reflected back at the crowd from the-hand-on-heart/heart-on-sleeve singer who tells you that he’s never had a bad show at the Biltmore Cabaret and how he can feel that love in the room and you believe him ‘cos he means it?

And how a voice can sound cloud-sized and enormous? And when the drums are so insanely tight, but the bass is fluid? And how “Idle Heart” starts you off,  “The Reflection of You” begs you to dance, “Lovesick Teenager” has everyone bouncing,  “You Do You” and “Dust Cloud” are trippy wonderful and “World of Freakout” makes you want to spin your arms?

And how you feel that the electro you’re hearing is likable and accessible and joyous and not perfect but perfect enough for tonight? And how afterwards, you thank Jon, Joe and Adam and they thank you for dancing in the front row?

Yeah, that. \m/

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