KASABIAN declares Vancouver “fookin’ EMPIRE” – Gallery/Review

Coooooomeeeee ooooon Van-COVAH! Yer fookin’ EMPIRE” ┬áKasabian’s Tom Meighan shouted at the crowd, while pointing, for the 17,864th ┬átime at someone/no-one in particular, grinning like he’d just successfully nicked your last bit of pot and finished the spliff. I looked around to see if we’d been transported into a Nathan Barley/Mighty Boosh ep with guitarist Serge Pizzorno doubling as an even-weedier Vince Noir. But no.

They’re not big, they’re not clever, and some of them have ridiculous hair, but I do love me some Kasabian sometimes. There’s something about that British Liam-swagger, the brilliant bright lights and the arena rock cock…iness that appeals. Tonight, opener “Days are Forgotten” spins, “Velociraptor” is manic and “Club Foot” is as enormous as you’d expect from the band’s main bangin’ choon. “L.S.F” and “Fire” (the pre-encore and encore enders) have the place jumping, including Pizzorno. “Thick as Thieves” wraps with a line or two from the Doors’ “People are Strange”, and then Pizzorno dedicates “Black Whistle” to “the weed smokers.” Meighan runs around, poses, crosses himself and faux-prays, but the guys are givin’ ‘er and it’s a good time. It’s not quite empire, but it’s pretty good fun. \m/

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